Saturday, October 6

Belated stuff

First up is the ballband washrag from MDK. This one is for my kitchen. Plain ol' Peaches and Cream cotton in red and orange. I love it for the colors since it so very fall and happen to be our wedding pictures. I hate it because I think this pattern sucks. It's a fun knit but I really don't get the hoopla over this. I made mine shorter by three bands and it's still too much to fumble with. I like smaller easy to use rags. This one is bulky, especially when I bunch it up trying to get into nooks and crannies. Yeah I know, I could not bunch right? But because of the awkward size I need to bunch it so that using it is somewhat easier. I think I may just be a bit too picky about my rags. I can see this being nice for my floor though. I am tempted to knit up a mop cover and give it a try. Before I do that though maybe I'll just stick this one on first and give it a trial run.

Next is some nursing pads. Done in Cascade SassyStripes (left overs from the tarot bag and the EarWarmer Cap...single strand instead of the double like those two projects were) and one size 2's. When I got them done I no longer needed them. I might gift them to someone but I can't think of anyone who would appreciate them really. One sister in law might but she's not due for a few months so I got time to decide. The one on the left is showing the side that actually goes against your nipple. Lovely looking decreases I think. The right shows the side that goes against your bra. Lovely little increases. And no your eyes do not deceive you. One is bigger than the other. How that happened I'm still not sure.

The husband socks. The ones he's been begging for forever. The ones that I had wanted to have done for our anniversary. The ones that got finished yesterday. In the month AFTER said anniversary. :) The pattern is Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I changed the heel but only because I had a higher stitch count and didn't want to attempt to figure out the Dutch Heel she uses. I'm lousy at math and seeing as I've never done the Dutch Heel before I didn't want to start with tweaking it. I love the toe on here (wide toe) and am thinking of using it on my next pair. I do need to block the second one a bit but he refused to let me yesterday since he wanted to wear them. The yarn is Trekking XXL but I can't remember the color. I know I have it somewhere but I don't feel like looking. :)

Here's a shot of the side. Due to the higher number of stitches I began with and the different heel I had to decreases a TON! I think there are 30 decreases there. That's 60 rounds of gusset shaping. Yeah he better like those socks.