Sunday, October 21

Halloween 2012

Mermaids and turkeys

This may be the last year I can get away with a costume like this. Which is a shame really because man is it fun!

This year we have a lamb.

The love that I have of this is so beyond what I thought it would be. Everything about it makes my heart happy.

There are some mods, of course. I only held the yarn single (the pattern holds it double) and I did it on smaller needles (like 4 sizes smaller). The hat is done flat and seamed up the sides. Since it was late at night when I did this (and the intended was asleep) and my gauge was much different I sort of guessed on the total length. It fit but was a tad short for my liking so I whipped up a band extension and seamed it on. It's perfect. It covers all the way down her neck and ears and only needs folded a bit in the front. Win win. I did change the brim to garter vs ribbing.

I added a tail as well. I held the MC double and crocheted a few chains and then pulled some of the CC through. I unraveled all the strands to give it that wooley and wild look.

I added some straps to the top as well.  The pattern is just a basic vest. My mods made for a snugger fit though so seaming it the way the pattern calls for wouldn't have left much room for her head. The straps are 6 stitches wide and just garter stitch. The fit is fantastic and she loves it. The body, with my mods, would make for a truly lovely party dress in a smaller (and lighter weight) yarn.

Pattern: Child's Lamb Costume (linked up above)
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in Little Rock Granite and Cream
Needles: US 15
Mods: 6 stitch garter stitch straps, extra length in body, garter stitch brim on hat w/ brim extender, tail, yarn held single, smaller needles

Thursday, October 18

Recent yarns

3 ply dk weight 9wpi

Beaded with "copper metallic mix". 9wpi and 140yds.

Sunday, October 14

FO: Cropped lacey sweater

As I browsed Ravelry one day, passing the time, my oldest snuck up behind me and asked if I would make her something. We browsed kid related patterns and she picked a handful of sweaters. Her only requirement was they had to be Pink! That's an easy enough thing to pull off so I kept my eye out for the perfect yarn.

Pattern: Wonder Wave by Drops
Yarn: Red Heart Shimmer in Hot Pink
Size: 3/4

The yarn was perfect. The metallic thread makes it "fancy" and the pink is definitely Pink! I originally only bought one skein and almost got away with just that. I ran out with 5 rows left so the yardage is nice.

It IS a Drops pattern though so things were wrong. The first is the sizing. The intended kid an average 7 yr old girl. I made the 3/4t size though. They claim the smallest size has a 22" chest. Since I happen to have a 3 yr old in the home I measured her as well. The sizing is LARGE. I made no modifications and this fits my 7yr old beautifully. The pictures are unblocked even so there is plenty of growing room should you pick a yarn that needs it. The second issue is in the arm directions. As written, at least for the size I made, the arm patterns do not match up to the body pattern. I bound off for the arms in a different spot (just eyeballed it) after noticing that. It's not a difficult change but it is noticeable after a couple rows if you don't make the change.

Monday, October 1

FO of the feet

I recently had an anniversary. I overheard the Mr. talking one day and he mentioned slippers. Naturally, I hopped on Ravelry and found these. They are perfect. Enough so, that they could convince me to wear slippers. As an anti-slipper person that says a lot! They go fast, a couple hours max for the PAIR. Perfect gift item.

Pattern: Non-felted slippers
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in cream. I used less than one skein per slipper.
Needles: 10 (sized up to accomodate a larger foot)
Mods: Once knit, I picked up cuff stitches (on 8's) and knit a few rounds of garter. As written the cuff comes low on the foot. Since they aren't a blog style that was just proving to be awkward feeling.

Stay tuned for some exciting news!