Tuesday, May 30

My true love in life...

is not knitting......but........

Sorry for the blurriness. She thinks camera=move. :)

Monday, May 29

Unhappy with my layout

I hate my Blogger layout. I want something pretty and customized but I don't know how to do it!!! Does anyone want to do it for me? :) Seriously..............

Onto knitting news.......I get to buy yarn this Friday!!!!!! I am debating about buying it online or going into Eugene and buy some at a delightful little shop there. I need to check some places and do a poll and find out what to get. I am finally breaking away from the nasty acrylic!!!! If I could buy enough to replace it all (hehehehehehe) I would be more than happy to chuck it or donate it. Mmmmmm.....GOOD yarn! I have $100 and I think I am going to go into Eugene. I'd rather ge tthe most for my money and not blow it all on shipping. So now what do I get?? I am thinking some cotton and wool. Anything I'm missing fiber wise? I don't really like novelty yarns so that's not going to be an option for me. They just don't grab my attention. Mmmmmm maybe some Sari silk....hmmmmm I can't wait! Maybe I can go in a couple days early and scout it all out. hehehe

Oh and to answer you Amey :) it's not my Boye set I'm using. The smallest on those is a 20". This set is silver needles with a clear cable. It's the pair my sister gave me. I know they are 16". I have measured more than once. DH has seen me do it and can confirm the length. Why do they not work!!??? ARG!

Sunday, May 28

Addi Turbos

Every thing knitting related that I have ever come across talks of Addi Turbo needles. I have purposfully NOT googled them or paid attention. I seem to have this thing in my brain that despises by default anything popular. Don't ask why. I have not seen movies for years after they came out because they were so big in the box office. Same with most anything. I think it has to do with the fact that I was not the kind of popular I wanted to be in school. Who knows. Either way it has been irritating to everyone including me.

My last post I mentioned some heavenly needles. They were smooth, the cable was fantastic, and they just flow so well with my hands and my knitting. As I checked on my blog today I noticed I had a comment. I clicked and read it. The knitting mama mentioned they might be......yes.....Addi Turbos. She included an eBay link which I of course went to. And sure enough I have myself a pair of Addi Turbos. I can see why people would sell their soul to the Devil for these things. As I saw them and read the description on the auction I quickly plugged in what was on my needles. A little purse for my neice. Knit flat. Yup. I am knitting on my circs a purse done flat because they have been so delicious in my hands. I think I may need to find some more. My needle selection is getting to be obscene.

I'm not sure how I feel about my Boye set. Being able to compare them to the Addis and the pair my sister gave me has not helped. Each set (out of the three) has it's pros and cons but I'm having a hard time with them regardless. I think my big problem is connecting. I'm guessing on how to do it since I haven't seen anything explaining how. And I think my gauge is off. IU know it can change when you go between straights and circs but it can't be that big a difference. For instance I can cast on 80 on my 16 inch circs for a soaker. There is no way though that even with spacing my stitches out I can connect them. For a soaker that asks for 80 I cast on closer to 100. What am I doing wrong!? I know I measured the needles right and I don't have an insanely tight cast on by any means but good grief!!! I just want to be able to do a soaker that will fit and without tweaking the pattern to compensate for the 20 extra stitches I seem to need.

Friday, May 26

My check list

Just need to do a quick list where S can't grab a hold of it and eat it. She sure likes paper......mmmm...roughage! :)

* wool bath mat
* purse for C
* soaker tester for S by and MDCer
* afghan/blanket/throw
* branching out for MIL

That's just the knititng related stuff. I am branching out into other areas of craftiness I think. I can sew but just don't do it and I want to. lol So I think I am going to try sewing something more often.

I am so so tempted to yank my throw off the needles and put them on some bigger ones but I have got such a good start going that I am afraid too! I'm using some lovely boucle (sp?) I got a while back. It's tricky tricky stuff. The coloring is perfect though so that's why I insist.

I have had some awesome Freecycle scores lately. I got the rest of my needles and some yarn! Most of it was acrylic and surprisingly there was some really cute stuff amongst it. The purse for Miss C is out of a ball of fancy fur I got. I would never have bought this stuff since it doesn't appeal to me in the elast bit. But it was in the bag with everything else and it's not like I could sort through it and say yes or no to certain things. :) S had emptied out the bag, stashed the needles, and handed me every skein of yarn. When she got to that it dawned on me to make C something. C is my three year old neice and she LOVES pretty things like that. Hopefully her taste in pretty grows with her. lol

Not sure I am liking my interchangables. The cables are stiff. If I could find a softer, more flexible one I would love these needles but right now....well....I wouldn't be hurt if I packed them away for the time being. The other night I was looking up info on Magic Loop and saw a picture of a circ that looked perfect. It had a gold cable on it that reeked of flexiblity. I only noticed it cause the cable was gold. The next day the Freecycler drops off my goodies and sure enough! The one circ in the bag was that needle. I need to find out what brand it is. It's a dream to use. It just flows with the work. That's what I want with my Boye set. I guess I could google it.

Wednesday, May 17

Oh....oh.....oh.....having a heartattack

Praise be to the higher powers!
I offer myself to as a sacrifice to the almighty beings!!
Worship, worship, worship!!

Ok. I posted on my Freecycle group for some knitting needles. I have an addiction to them. The more the better. I have posted before but never got any replies so I was so not expecting anything. I checked my email early this morning and saw I had two replies. The first one had a set of circulars for me and she was going to go through her stash and find some more. Plus she might have some yarn for me. Cool. I was excited. I got another lady later today who said she has a ton of used needles and if I can let her know sizes she'll grab some for me. But that is not the cause of worship/praise/sacrifice and shuddering. Oh no. Far from it. The part that gets me so excited I am on the verge of passing out due to lack of oxygen in my brain is the second response.

The lady has just had brain surgery and can no longer knit. She only has gripping ability on one side of her body (I learned that as I was picking them up). In her email she said she had some circs and a set of 26 (so I figured out 13 pairs). Did I want them? Of course I did! Turns out she lived very close so I jetted over there to pick up my goodies.

There is nothing in the world that could have prepared me for what I was about to get.

I expected some used circs without their case. The 26 I figured were various straight she had acquired throughout the years...you know, like your grandma's cup of needles. Again. I was wrong.

I now have in my possession:
10.5 aluminum straights
THREE (yes 3 as in the number after 2 and before 4) sets of new and in the package Susan Bates Silvalume circulars (7,8, and 10)
A complete-never opened-or-used-in-the-leather-casing Boye Needlemaster interchangeable circular needle set. It has everything in it! She has never used this!!! She didn't even realize what they were!! She only knew they were knitting needles!! I googled it all. The Boye set alone is about 100 bucks. The Susan Bates plus that and I have over 100 dollars worth of new needles for FREE!!!

Ok...I'm having brain seizures now.

Friday, May 5

Knitting...it's a tough sport

Last Friday I was working on the evil WHW wrap and talking to a friend on IM. I was typing one handed on the short sentences but would occasionally need both hands. On one such occassion I put the 14 inch aluminum needle in my mouth. Sharp end first. I typed out what I needed and hit enter. As I moved my knee readjust myself it hit the end of my needle and jammed the other end into the roof of my mouth!!! OMG! You want pain stick a metal needle in the roof of your mouth. Luckily it didn't break skin or anything. Just left a bumb at the spot of impact.

So the WHW wrap....you must be asking why it's evil. Well it WAS finished last night. I reread the directions to make sure I was done and to the bind off and saw it called for a stretchy one. I knwe I had seen that requirement somewhere else and I remember it was on the Tiny Birds soaker I did so I headed over there and checked out the one they used. It seemed off to me though. I knew I hadn't used that one when I did the soaker and it felt wrong. I did it anyways.

IT DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!! It was not stretchy and it was freaking ugly! I ended up having to frog ten stupid rows and starting over on that section. Had that not happened there would have been some sewing done this morning and a picture gracing this entry. But instead I am left grumbling about it with a tainted memory of a rather decent diaper cover. Oh well. I'll finish off the rows after the munchkin hits the hay and then there will be a picture.

Tuesday, May 2

Baby knitting

Ahhh! Finally! I can do some teeny tiny knitting. :) A friend over on Mothering just found out she's pregnant!!!! They are going to try cloth this time around so I am going to be making her a felted wetbag, some covers, and something else I think. I am thinking of nursing pads but I'm not sure. :) I'm so excited for her and I get to make something small. :)

I am currently doing the free wrap pattern from Warm Heart Woolies. It's going pretty quick. I'm almost done and it's looking good. It's quick. It's simple. And it's free. Sounds good to me! It's tkaing me long erhtan I would like as DD has been a bit needy lately. She's picking up on something and I'm not sure what so it's slowed down my knitting quite a bit. She's going to bed so much alter lately that I only get about ten minutes of knitting in before I'm tired and head to bed myself. I'm just using acrylic again. I can't wait to get rid of all this stuff!

I'm also making my sister in law a basket of stuff for her wedding gift. I got her open house invite in the mail the other day and the sister in law who made them put to keep in mind, they'll be more broke than ever and to help them stock on the basics. I'm glad I had decided to change what I was giving her. It was going to be a blanket. I changed to something else though when it had been a couple days and no reply to, "How big is your bed?". lol Instead I'm going to do a basket with some knitted washrags and some natural cleaning stuff. I just need to get a couple E.O.'s and it'll be set to go!

So that changes my list to:
Finish purple wrap for DD
start wetbag
start newborn/small wraps
nursing pads

I am so looking forward to summer knitting. I am super excited to knit washrags for some reason. I love the heaviness of cotton washrags for some reason. Not sure why. :) I am still looking for a shorties pattern though.