Friday, May 26

My check list

Just need to do a quick list where S can't grab a hold of it and eat it. She sure likes paper......mmmm...roughage! :)

* wool bath mat
* purse for C
* soaker tester for S by and MDCer
* afghan/blanket/throw
* branching out for MIL

That's just the knititng related stuff. I am branching out into other areas of craftiness I think. I can sew but just don't do it and I want to. lol So I think I am going to try sewing something more often.

I am so so tempted to yank my throw off the needles and put them on some bigger ones but I have got such a good start going that I am afraid too! I'm using some lovely boucle (sp?) I got a while back. It's tricky tricky stuff. The coloring is perfect though so that's why I insist.

I have had some awesome Freecycle scores lately. I got the rest of my needles and some yarn! Most of it was acrylic and surprisingly there was some really cute stuff amongst it. The purse for Miss C is out of a ball of fancy fur I got. I would never have bought this stuff since it doesn't appeal to me in the elast bit. But it was in the bag with everything else and it's not like I could sort through it and say yes or no to certain things. :) S had emptied out the bag, stashed the needles, and handed me every skein of yarn. When she got to that it dawned on me to make C something. C is my three year old neice and she LOVES pretty things like that. Hopefully her taste in pretty grows with her. lol

Not sure I am liking my interchangables. The cables are stiff. If I could find a softer, more flexible one I would love these needles but right now....well....I wouldn't be hurt if I packed them away for the time being. The other night I was looking up info on Magic Loop and saw a picture of a circ that looked perfect. It had a gold cable on it that reeked of flexiblity. I only noticed it cause the cable was gold. The next day the Freecycler drops off my goodies and sure enough! The one circ in the bag was that needle. I need to find out what brand it is. It's a dream to use. It just flows with the work. That's what I want with my Boye set. I guess I could google it.

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amey said...

Those needles are possible Addi Turbo needles like this:

For alot of the online places the cables look white, but all of mine are gold colored. They're VERY slick and pricey. Ask about them at MDC or WWF, because I know there are people there who have ordered from ebay sellers overseas to get a better price.

~amey (knittingsheeple)