Tuesday, March 31

WIP: The I'm not going to kill it version

4th time is apparently the charm. As you can see the waistband has been completed. The body has been completed. The crotch gussets are done and seamed. All that remains is the legs and they are in the works. I'm actually really liking these now. I tried them on my smallest wee one to make sure they would fit the intended and uh...yeah. They will. With a bit of room to grow. I hope they aren't super huge baggy. Despite my issues with the waistband (that go beyond this infuriating amount of go rounds) I really like how these fit my kiddo. I got some new birthday yarn that is just waiting for me to use. I'm going to do a skirtie and use this set up as the undershorts. I think. I need to finish a different skirtie first. One of which I have not mentioned on here. That's how I roll. :)

Wednesday, March 25

An infuriating WIP

THAT is v4.0. It better damn well be the last. Although, as I sit here knitting on it (never having gotten past the total waistband really) its looking too small. I swear if I have to frog this thing and do a whole nother waistband I'm going to be ornry. I may burn the yarn.

Tuesday, March 24

It's been spun: Summer Berries

Summer Berries colorway
4 ounces total
End yarn is 10WPI/Worsted weight
2 skeins

I think I'll end up doing a felted bag. I think it's the only thing to do with it really. It's a bit rough and lanoliny. I'm hoping washing will help with that. I'm pretty pleased with the way the colors turned out. I need to give it a good washing. Despite it setting thouroughly the lanolin seems to help rub the dye off. While I was winding it up the dye rubbed off on a few things. Not a big deal since the lanolin rubbed off as well making it rub in/off easily but still...who wants red/purple bleeding?

Monday, March 23

It's been spun: Lochlan

Some of my fleece I've been moving about. :)

Hand dyed (by me)



About 2 oz. total

A small skein at 47 yds.

Somewhat between a sport and dk weight

Not sure if I'll knit this into anything. It's rather rough and while I love how the color played out it's not "me". I'm currently working on another batch (different colorway) that was processed a bit more. I'm hoping that helps with the overall softness.

There was some knitting recently but umm...it was ugly and was frogged. It took a day or two to knit and about 20 minutes to take apart. Talk about instant gratification. :)

Sunday, March 1

It's been knit: Top-Down Timothy Cap

For me!! I cannot begin to tell you how happy this hat makes me. It's for me. It's my handspun. In a color I adore. It's for me. Fits perfectly....did I mention, It's for me?
I was hesitant to use this yarn. It's just so pretty and I didn't want to "waste" it on something like a hat. I wanted to horde it forever and ever but wanted other people to see it as well. I really liked the way this hat fit when I made it for the husband and have been trying to sneak off with his hat for the longest time.
He is on to me though and every time I picked it up he would casually say, "Make your own.". The other night on the way home from the store the wind was whipping in such a way that my ears burned. I knew I needed a hat. I decided to just do it and started that night. I got through the increases and went to bed. Worked on it all day yesterday and then finished it up this morning. It took less than a skein.

Top down Timothy Hat
Size 6 needles
Fire Gorge handspun (less than one skein)- sport weight
Yarn held single
I noticed the other night when I went to grab the pattern from my projects page that I had used size 6 needles on the first one. I grabbed mine as the pattern downloaded only to see that the pattern writer actually used 8's with the yarn held doubled. Not sure how I missed that the first time around but it makes sense as to why I needed to block it severely. I decided to stick to my unintentional changes and do the same for my hat. After all I love his hat so much why change it up? I'm glad I did. It fits perfectly! Mine is a slightly heavier weight yarn than his was so it won't need blocking. Makes me happy since I want to wear it right now. :) With his hat I much prefer the "wrong side" (the side that shows the knit portion of the ribbing as the thicker part). With mine though I love them both. I do like the wrong side a bit more but only because it's easier to see the color transitions due to the overall smoothness of the fabric. (Picture 1 is the wrong side..the other 2 are the right side).