Tuesday, March 31

WIP: The I'm not going to kill it version

4th time is apparently the charm. As you can see the waistband has been completed. The body has been completed. The crotch gussets are done and seamed. All that remains is the legs and they are in the works. I'm actually really liking these now. I tried them on my smallest wee one to make sure they would fit the intended and uh...yeah. They will. With a bit of room to grow. I hope they aren't super huge baggy. Despite my issues with the waistband (that go beyond this infuriating amount of go rounds) I really like how these fit my kiddo. I got some new birthday yarn that is just waiting for me to use. I'm going to do a skirtie and use this set up as the undershorts. I think. I need to finish a different skirtie first. One of which I have not mentioned on here. That's how I roll. :)

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