Sunday, March 1

It's been knit: Top-Down Timothy Cap

For me!! I cannot begin to tell you how happy this hat makes me. It's for me. It's my handspun. In a color I adore. It's for me. Fits perfectly....did I mention, It's for me?
I was hesitant to use this yarn. It's just so pretty and I didn't want to "waste" it on something like a hat. I wanted to horde it forever and ever but wanted other people to see it as well. I really liked the way this hat fit when I made it for the husband and have been trying to sneak off with his hat for the longest time.
He is on to me though and every time I picked it up he would casually say, "Make your own.". The other night on the way home from the store the wind was whipping in such a way that my ears burned. I knew I needed a hat. I decided to just do it and started that night. I got through the increases and went to bed. Worked on it all day yesterday and then finished it up this morning. It took less than a skein.

Top down Timothy Hat
Size 6 needles
Fire Gorge handspun (less than one skein)- sport weight
Yarn held single
I noticed the other night when I went to grab the pattern from my projects page that I had used size 6 needles on the first one. I grabbed mine as the pattern downloaded only to see that the pattern writer actually used 8's with the yarn held doubled. Not sure how I missed that the first time around but it makes sense as to why I needed to block it severely. I decided to stick to my unintentional changes and do the same for my hat. After all I love his hat so much why change it up? I'm glad I did. It fits perfectly! Mine is a slightly heavier weight yarn than his was so it won't need blocking. Makes me happy since I want to wear it right now. :) With his hat I much prefer the "wrong side" (the side that shows the knit portion of the ribbing as the thicker part). With mine though I love them both. I do like the wrong side a bit more but only because it's easier to see the color transitions due to the overall smoothness of the fabric. (Picture 1 is the wrong side..the other 2 are the right side).

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