Thursday, April 29

Pardon the absence...

we are in the middle of a move. Will return shortly. :)

Wednesday, April 14

It's been knit: Christmas Gift Edition: Ragdoll

I made these up for the kiddos for Christmas. I'm just slow to blog them. :) I'm not even going to attempt to tell you what yarn I used. It was way too many odds and ends (and even some acrylic). The torso is done in a dark brown on each of them for 2 reasons...I wanted a layered look and I didn't have enough body color. :) The head on the brown haired one is a bit floppy and drives me batty but I'm not motivated enough to take it apart and add a bit more stuffing. :)

(hair detail...kind of...the brunetts is pig tails and the blonde one is a funky pony tail)

(detail of the dress...the back is left open though the pattern says to put a button)

I've been requested to make more clothes. We shall see. :)

Oh yeah! The Pogo socks have been under test knitting. I did take the pattern down in the mean time to allow for that and it will be up again here shortly!