Friday, March 26

It's been knit: Gift Edition:

Pattern: Knotty but Nice from Knitty
Yarn: Wool-Ease
Mods: None. I actually did what I was told. :)

This was a brother in law for Christmas. Our birthdays are right next to each other and for mine he gave me a giftcard for yarn and a request for a hat. To say I'm a slacker would be polite. I finally made him one for Christmas when we drew nanes for the guft exchange and he happened to be our giftee. Seemed fair enough. He wanted a hat and we had his name. I'm not sure he saw it like that though. :) I have no action shots (though not for lack of trying. I asked AND the spouse asked...nothing yet) so I have no idea how the fit was. It fit me rather snugly (remember...that's CABLES not ribbing) and his noggin is bigger than mine. I'm determined to find out though. It's such anice hat and a fun knit. There are some mistakes (in mine..not the pattern) and only because I wasn't paying attention. It doesn't need a super amount of it but it does require a little bit. The weather is warming up but this pattern has been on my mind for a bit now. I want one for myself. :)

Thursday, March 18

Pogo Socks

are now available!

Sadly, I won't be entering the sock contest. My gauge is 1 stitch off (which in the grand scheme of things can make for a much different fitting sock). It's up and ready though. I just hope it's well done and makes sense!

I asked a friend for help on the name. The construction of these is not a common one. You start at the heel and work DOWN the length of the foot. After that's all done you go back to your heel and work your way UP the length of the leg. Easy and fun but still offering a bit of a change in pace to keep you interested. It works great for handspun. I like toe up socks for the fact that I get to use every last bit of yarn but I don't always like the fit of them. With this pattern I was able to get the foot (and heel!) fit that I want. By turning around and going up the leg I was still able to use up all my yarn and not worry about running out too soon.

Monday, March 8

Calling all test knitters

Come out, come out, where ever you are!

I need some test knitters! You must be familiar with sock construction (yes, I will be entering this in the contest mentioned in a previous post so if you are entering as well, please don't ask to test knit for me!). There are 2 sizes available. You can do 1 sock in each size, a complete pair in both sizes, a complete pair in one size, or just one sock in one size. However you want!

This is a unique pattern that uses sport weight yarn, size 5 needles, has a short row heel, and uses a provisional cast on.

For those who do this (I'm thinking I could 2 or 3 testers), you can get a final copy of the pattern for free. I do plan on listing this one for sale. Gotta love the motivation of a contest to get your butt in gear! I've been meaning to write this up since I made these socks.

If you are interested please leave a comment! First come, first serve!

Sunday, March 7

I love surprises :)

Ok that's a big fat lie (by the way I have new yarn and socks to show!). I really don't...unless I don't know about them in advance. :) I noticed a visitor off to the side had stumbled upon my blog via another website. It's not one I know so I clicked it. My child's apron was linked on another site! Small on the grand scheme of things but cool in my book. :) It's this one. Lots of good links there!

For the sock knitters out there lookie! A contest to help battle SSS. Who can resist goodie baskets? I think I'll give it a shot....if for nothing else than it'll be fun to see what everyone else cmes up with.

This is more of a note to myself but I have a couple things in the wings to blog. A hat for a brother in law (waiting on pics) and two (technically 4) final Christmas items (stockings and dolls). We are out of town right now so they will have to wait. Up next though are the socks mentioned above and another Apple Blossom Cardigan.

Saturday, March 6

Here I go....

making my first attempt at selling a pattern. :) Nothing big but I've been pondering it for awhile now. I've decided to make my soap sack (blogger isn't letting me link to it tonight...I'll try again later) a purchase pattern. You can find it over on Ravelry!

Buy now!

Go check it out! I'm hoping this is the start to lots of designs (however simple they may be). I'm eager to see how it turns out. :)