Sunday, March 7

I love surprises :)

Ok that's a big fat lie (by the way I have new yarn and socks to show!). I really don't...unless I don't know about them in advance. :) I noticed a visitor off to the side had stumbled upon my blog via another website. It's not one I know so I clicked it. My child's apron was linked on another site! Small on the grand scheme of things but cool in my book. :) It's this one. Lots of good links there!

For the sock knitters out there lookie! A contest to help battle SSS. Who can resist goodie baskets? I think I'll give it a shot....if for nothing else than it'll be fun to see what everyone else cmes up with.

This is more of a note to myself but I have a couple things in the wings to blog. A hat for a brother in law (waiting on pics) and two (technically 4) final Christmas items (stockings and dolls). We are out of town right now so they will have to wait. Up next though are the socks mentioned above and another Apple Blossom Cardigan.

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