Thursday, March 18

Pogo Socks

are now available!

Sadly, I won't be entering the sock contest. My gauge is 1 stitch off (which in the grand scheme of things can make for a much different fitting sock). It's up and ready though. I just hope it's well done and makes sense!

I asked a friend for help on the name. The construction of these is not a common one. You start at the heel and work DOWN the length of the foot. After that's all done you go back to your heel and work your way UP the length of the leg. Easy and fun but still offering a bit of a change in pace to keep you interested. It works great for handspun. I like toe up socks for the fact that I get to use every last bit of yarn but I don't always like the fit of them. With this pattern I was able to get the foot (and heel!) fit that I want. By turning around and going up the leg I was still able to use up all my yarn and not worry about running out too soon.

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