Saturday, December 26

It's been knit: Playing Catch up 1: Red Shorties

Pattern: Picky Pants
Yarn: Wool of the Andes: Onyx Heather and Firecracker Heather
Needles: 8's
Pattern Picks: Short rows, Icord bind off, 2x1 ribbing (I think)
Mods:Hmmm, not that I can remember.

This was the final pair (of 4) meant for a friend. Luckily she got them in time to at least wear in shorts appropriate weather. :)

Monday, October 12

It's been knit: Manos longies

Size: Newborn with backside increases and short rows
Yarn: Manos Del Uraguay in Wildflower and....can't remember the name of the purple one so we'll call it Purple
Mods: Extra crotch stitches, longer length (6.5 inches?)
Garter stitch cuff

I will be going back and fixing the second leg. It's about 2 rounds shorter than the other and it drives me nuts. I'm constantly pulling on it which I'm sure isn't going to help.

Saturday, October 10

When handknits are worn: Super Secret Stealth Surprise

I think it fits rather well. :) The sizing ended up being around 0-3 months and this little dude is definitely in that range. I think he looks rather good in it, if I do say so myself. :)

Up next:
2 pairs of longies (one knit by me and one a gift)
5 (FIVE!) hats: 3 adults and 2 kiddos
Newborn soaker for K
My first intarsia: Christmas stocking: Technically a WIP but humor me

K's socks (one down, one to go)
4ish (FOUR!) more hats: one adult and 3 kiddos
2 pairs of Kiddo mittens
Me socks
Kiddos socks
Christmas stockings (planned for 2 but maybe will do 3...unless mom really does decide she wants one and then there's that one as well)
3 more soakers for K: 1 newborn and 2 small

I think that's it...I went out to my sister's this last weekend and in that time finished one of 3 hats (one had already been done). I got back on Monday and in that time I have done 1 adult hat, 2 kids hats, a newborn soaker, and half of a Christmas stocking that has intarsia. I won't say it but you know what I'm thinking has happened right? It's back. That's all I'll say. DOn't want to jinx myself. :)

Thursday, October 1

It's been done: Fiber to FO

Remember this fiber? Safari from Freckle Face Fibers on Etsy. I never blogged the spinning of it because I had intentions for the final yarn. I wanted to show it all in one post.
I LOVE the way it turned out. I spun it thicker than I normally would and had enough for my item with some left over.
I never did figure out the WPI or end yardage but I had a ton. Squishy too! I admit that at first I wasn't sure I liked how it plied together (my standard 2-ply). There were parts that seemed to cancel out because it plied together with another chunk of itself. I had hoped the green would pop more as well. Once knitted though I loved how subtle the colors were. It really is very Safari like in the sense of the scenery I think.

This horrible picture is from my cell phone. The sad thing is this is the BEST picture I have managed to get in weeks. Weeks? Yes, these have been done since August. I have tried inside and outside and at all times of day. Lights on or off, with dark and light backgrounds. It's impossible to get a decent picture. I am hoping to get truely better ones soon but this is all you get for now. The yellow tones make it hard accuracy wise.

This one almost looks felted but they aren't. Oy, I wish I had better pics! I had to seize the chance though because these really are the best color wise.
Pattern: Picky Pants
Size: Newborn with backside increases and short rows
Mods: Longer inseam (6.5 inches? They are put away so I can't measure right now). I did a simple icord bind off since the yarn is the oomph to these I think. :) I kept everything simple for that reason.

Friday, August 21

It's been knit: Flower embroidery longies (and hat)

These were done over a week ago (as in finished...took longer than that sicne they were an in between project). I went to Sock Summit and have been debating whether to post my two FO posts or that one. I'll do these first. :)
I did these before we knew gender and was very hopeful that they would stay with me. Luckily they will. :) First...I did a picot waist and cuffs on the longies and brim on the hat. I wasn't sure how the waist would turn out and it's not as defined as the other two parts but it's still there. I like it. Not sure I'll do it again though. :) Both the brim and waist were worked per the picky pants directions. I've seen so many variations for them (and as a result many variations in look) but decided to keep the look consistent. I knew I was going to use those directions for the cuffs so I kept with it the whole way. The hat does have a few rounds of garter stitch after the picot to help keep it from rolling up/out. I found that to be an issue when I did the easter bunny hat so I'm glad I threw it in. It doesn't flare out at all!
Here's a side shot of the leg embroidery (some of these pics are darker/poorer quality....the camera batteries are dying so some were taken on the cell phone). I did REAL embroidery!! I used lazy daisy/detached chain for the flowers and stem stitch for the stems and leaves. The small dots (hard to see here) are french knots. I spent time finding videos that were thorough enough to know not everyone knows how to do this but not so basic I felt stupid. :) I love doing it! So much better than the attempt I did on the tree longies. I did have a picture I used as a reference but I can no longer find it or I'd link it. It's pretty similar to that though. :)
I decided to carry it around the back of the leg and on to the butt. I didn't want a ton there since really, who is goingto be seeing it that much? but also because I didn't want it to look heavy. The leg is already detailed enough.

As you can see, the design is visible on all sides. I wanted just enough visible on the front and/or back to make you want to look at it more but not so much that it was crowded (visually). I'm pretty pleased with the placement. I just eye balled it so was surprised it worked out as well as it did.The hat is my own basic pattern (same as the one in my stealth knitting post). This time I worked it from the bottom up. I'm not sure why I was having such difficulties but I did start it more than once top down. My stitch count was never right though. I did frog back a little at one point in order to readjust length. I had misjudged my total decrease length and it ended up super long. Luckily hats are small so it's not a big deal.
Just a crown shot (stuck on a racoon doll :) ). I'm pretty pleased with how well my decreases turned out. Nice and pretty.

Pattern: Longies: Picky Pants
Hat: Basic baby beanie (mine)
Size: Longies: Newborn with backside increases and short rows, inseam is 6.5-7 inches
Hat: 0-3? Not sure...just winged it..I'll ask my sister in law how her's fits her newborn since it's the same stitch count
Yarn: Green: Cascade 220 Lavender: BFL handspun
Needles: 8's

Only drawback that I can is the length is a bit too long (please don't ask me why I made NEWBORN pants so baffles me) which means cuffing will likely be called for. Since I used the picot hem it's not going to be as smooth/easy or cute. With garter I can cuff it up and it still looks like garter. This onewill be a tad more goofy looking but hopefully it won't be needed for long. Overall, I love this pair! Mostly because I mastered some embroidery!! :)

Tuesday, August 4

It's been knit: Super Secret Stealth Surprise

I realize secret and surprise are the same thing but really....that many s's I couldn't finish with the word knitting. :)

Sweater Details: Pattern: LittleCoffeeBean Yarn: random acrylic Needles: size 8's Pattern size: 3 months Mods: Stripes are 4 and 2 wide instead of 2 wide on all of them. Ribbing isn't as long on any part. Icord bobbles for buttons.

Hat Details: Pattern: My own basic beanie Yarn: same random acrylic Needles: size 8's Pattern size: eh, I'd say 0-3 months :)

(As an aside I hate the random double spacing blogger occasionally does. It pisses me off and I do not like the look of the above paragraphs as a result.)

This is for a sister in law being induced tomorrow. It's her second little boy and when I found out she was being induced I sprang to action knowing it would be soon. Never mind that I have already started 2 or 3 other sweaters for her....this one is the only one to actually get finished. I LOVE it and plan on making more. The yarn sucked but oh well. She needs washable (and not because she's a new mom) so it works. I do love how the colors turned out though. I wasn't sure about the combo but once I got past the first couple stripes I was in love. I tried the hat in just the multiblue color at first and it's actually an ugly color. The solid really helped bring out the good parts of it. :) Total knitting time (for both items together including weaving in ends) was 1 day. Super fast!

Friday, July 24

It's been knit: Juliette Skirtie

It's ridiculous how much I love this thing! I broke down and bought a skirtie pattern last week. This is my first from it (Juliette Skirtie) and I am so dang happy I did!

The pleats directions are fantastic! I have seen generic ones here and there but they were always vauge and not to my liking. This one is just perfect (as you can see). I did modify mine a bit and did all but the last increase round since I was running out of yarn.

The soaker is another favorite part of mine. I do not like soakers. I do knit the Curly Purly one since I do like having that option of going under clothes but really....I don't like how many fit. Either too low and baggy or a lack of shaping or too dang long (which on my short kids is never good). This one is shorter than the pattern (not by much)but there is a very good reason for that.
I had to knit the waist and undersoaker twice. I was all done and grafting when I thought the yarn I was using (a dark brown) was "familiar". I hopped up and grabbed a lighter and sure enough I had been using acrylic. I took both out and reknit them in the white/cream wool. I was using scraps for the whole thing and was VERY unsure of the amount I had. I did the undersoaker first and knit it to the length it would/should be if the waistband had been in place. I then knit the waistband (bottom up essentially). My original one had 16 rounds. This one had 12 or 13. I barely made it.
I also did the waist as 1x1 ribbing out of habit. :) The pattern calls for 2x2 and I wish I had done it (I like the look) but that's ok. This one is a tad short in the skirt for my wee one but that's ok. She's almost potty trained and I had already sworn off knitting her more covers as a result. She just needed a legit skirtie though so this doesn't count. :) The stripe on the body has duplicate stitch on it. The single round of darker green was also brown. Instead of frogging all the way to that I just covered it once the knitting was done. It's not the best looking one but it was late and I wasn't concerned about reaching perfection (which is good because my duplicate stitch is far from it). It is looser in a couple spots but it honestly looks more like loose knitting/gauge than anything else. I am considering adding cuffs but this is one of the few that I am ok with not having them. It fits nicely and no prefold pokes out. Not too often that happens.

Pattern: Juliette Skirtie
Size: Small
Needles: 5 and 6. The pattern calls for 7's but I don't own any and I got gauge with these (checked long after the fact).
Yarn: Knit Picks Wools of the Andes: Pampas, Avocado, Ferm (?), and an unknown Cream/White. I thought it was Wool of the Andes based off ball size but it would be Cascade 220. All scraps.

Mods: Pleats only worked til second to last increase round and then knitted til desired length (definitely wanted to make longer but ran out of yarn). Waist done in 1x1 ribbing and slightly shorter than pattern called for.

Wednesday, July 15

Note to self

When you have a new pattern and are excited to get started make sure you double check your supplies. In lots of cases your yarn may be missing a ballband which indicate what the fiber content is. When in doubt, check. Having to reknit the entire bottom portion of a soaker because you grabbed acrylic on accident will piss you off. Lots.

Monday, July 13

Ahh retail therapy!

I never understood the appeal of it until today. :) I got a paypal gift so I decided to spend it. So without further ado...look what is coming to me!

First up is "Tumble Into BFL". Some lovely BFL. I've only spun BFL once and knit with it a couple more times but boy is it lovely! I cannot wait to see what this turns out like. These are not "my" colors but I have someone/something in mind for it so it doesn't matter. :)

This is called "Coi". Some Falkland wool. Again, someone else was in mind when I got this. It seems like a more mature/adult version of the one above. Also not my colors. :) I don't think I've ever spun Falkland but that's ok. It's wool! :)This is "Safari" merino. I have seen varaitions of these tones and everytime I am insanely jealous. It's just a nice colorway and looks well with most things. Again, I have plans for it that don't involve me. Seeing a trend? :)This may be one of my favorites. This is "Black Coffee" superwash. I have some plans for socks that I might keep for myself. Still deciding.Oh I hope shipping is fast. I'm entertaining myself currently with some random stuff I have. I'm already a third of the way through it so I'm thinking I'll need to find more to do until it gets here.

Friday, July 10

Remember the infernal shorties?

The bum is now oh so purtty. :)

It's been done and waiting on me to get things finished (like weave in ends and lanolize) for awhile. It turned out so dang easy!!! Amazing what following a chart can do for you. ;) I hope it doesn't sit too low on the intended. I tried them on my wee one and it ame down low but there is a year difference between the two. Hopefully that helps. :)

Saturday, May 30

It's been knit: Stealth knitting

These are actually quite old. I started them way back when and only recently finished them up. They were a slower goin project.And sadly you get no details. :) Well some but none that you care about. :)

My own pattern (hence the no details)
Catnip Yarns Licorice Twist
Now that they are safely in the intended person's hands I can show pictures. She's had them for a bit but ummm....I'm a big ol' slacker. Shocker huh? :)
Up next: A washrag (oooo!), some sock progress (ahhh!), and baby sweaters galore (eeeee! though only one is intended to stay at my house).

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day..with some oomph

1. I have successfully completed a design in duplicate stitch and it doesn't suck! I think I might once again like the concept. The inside/wrong side of it even looks nice! Hoo rah!

2. I have hit a speed bump in my knitting. I started a sweater (I'll show pictures needs batteries and it's dark...too dark for the cell phone) for a soon to be born nephew and decided it's bad. I used acrylic due to the recipient and well it sucks. I started another one in a different acrylic and it's a bit better but I hit a point that irritated me so I frogged a bit and haven't picked it back up.

3. I have worked on my 2 at once magic looped toe up socks. I got tired of the two at once and finished up to past the heel on the first one. Note: this does not mean I'm bad or giving up on magic loop. I was just so close to the heel and really wanted to do it so there you have that. Once the second sock is to the same point back on the needle they both go.

4. I have a Christmas surprise. And boy is it a surprise! It's currently a WIP but obviously....will be done by Christmas. Want to see the beginnings? Of course you do. Not all blog posts should be numerical lsits...I know there are plenty on here. :) Before I get to the picture....Happy Mother's Day to all who are mother's and reading here today. :)

Tuesday, April 21

I so so so love this set!

It's my first official "set" too. Best of all the yarn was .50 cents a skein (thanks Kim!). They are a bit stiff/dry feeling (NOT rough/itchy...just dry) but I'm thinking after they are washed and lanolized that will change. They remind me of prep school colors. I adore them!
Longies: Picky Pants, Elastic Waistband, Garter crotch, 7.5ish inseam, Seed stitch cuff, Red Heart Knitting Worsted Wool: Grey and Multi Reds, Newborn size, Backside increases and Extended short rows.
Hat: EarWarmer Cap, Infant, Red heart Knitting Worsted Wool: Grey and Multi Reds.
Mods: After the 2nd or 3rd decrease round stopped knitting 2 plain rounds in between and only did one round in order to shorten it a bit.

Tuesday, April 14

It's been knit: Infernal Shorties

Not infernal as in firey hot or anything like that. Oh no. Infernal as in "these damn infernal shorties are driving me to my wits end and I just want them out of my house already!" :) That said I am quite fond of them. The colors are pretty (not as bright in real life as they are in these pictures) and the shape is nice. Despite my dislike of the waistband in general and my hatred of it for this stupid project (hehe...just kidding....) I am planning a pair for us in this set up. These are for the same wee one the striped longies and the other blue pair were sent to (yes I should not have taken this long).
Onto the stats!
Pattern: Waistband: Curly Purly Body: Picky Pants
Yarn and needles: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes ( Cobblestone Heather and Arctic Pool Heather); US 8's
Mods: The waistband is the Curly Purly one which proved to be an issue if you want to do short rows that will still line up with the Picky Pants. After 3 or 4 times of knitting it and lots of help (I love Ravelry) I got it figured out. I did my short rows per the Picky Pants placement but still within the waistband. Once done I increased up to my Picky Pants stich count and continued on.
Options/Size: Short rows with 2 increases. After the first set of increases (brought me up to the stitch count for Picky Pants small though they were already at a Curly Purly small) I asked the intended if the pervious longies were getting tigght. She said yes so I did a second increase set. These are a small waist with a medium body. The inseam is 6 inches. She wanted shorts but I got zoneing out one night while knitting and just guessed. I apparently am overgenerous in that regard. :) The cuff is just my basic garter stitch one.
Her next, and final pair!, ones will likely be the same set up. (The above picture is almost perfect on the color of the yarn). Due to the waist they seem to pull funny but I'm hoping that will not be the case once they are washed and lanolized.

It's been knit: Easter stuff

Well thing. I had grand plans but only got one thing done. I have an excuse though. I'll tell you later. :)

This is this pattern. Super simple (not sure why it's rated as intermediate...maybe because of the two color ear) and super sweet. I didn't do a gauge swatch so not sure if it would really fit a 3-6 month old but this was intended for my neice. It sort fit her, just a tad short in length. As you can see though it can be squeezed onto the head of a 20 month old with no problem. :) The picot hem on here was fun and so dang cute! I did do it differently by doing 4 stitches and binding off 2 (instead of 3 and 1). The only thing I didn't like was that it has a natural propensity to curl. I think if I make another (without the ears mind you ;) ) I'd do a round or two of garter to help it stay pointing down. I love the look of it and it bugs that half the time you can't see that detail. That's the only mod I made to it though. You could very easily size this bad boy up. It's just a basic hat. I didn't attempt to alter sizing because 1. I didn't want to think and 2. I wasn't reading ahead in the pattern and assumed the ears were done differently. The ears are done seperately and sewn on at the end.

Overall I love this hat. The sister in law it was given to is due to have another tiny one and by the time easter is here next year that one will be the right age group for it. :) This was such a hit the oldest wee one asked for one that would make her look like a "horse! A pink horse!". :)

Tuesday, March 31

WIP: The I'm not going to kill it version

4th time is apparently the charm. As you can see the waistband has been completed. The body has been completed. The crotch gussets are done and seamed. All that remains is the legs and they are in the works. I'm actually really liking these now. I tried them on my smallest wee one to make sure they would fit the intended and uh...yeah. They will. With a bit of room to grow. I hope they aren't super huge baggy. Despite my issues with the waistband (that go beyond this infuriating amount of go rounds) I really like how these fit my kiddo. I got some new birthday yarn that is just waiting for me to use. I'm going to do a skirtie and use this set up as the undershorts. I think. I need to finish a different skirtie first. One of which I have not mentioned on here. That's how I roll. :)

Wednesday, March 25

An infuriating WIP

THAT is v4.0. It better damn well be the last. Although, as I sit here knitting on it (never having gotten past the total waistband really) its looking too small. I swear if I have to frog this thing and do a whole nother waistband I'm going to be ornry. I may burn the yarn.

Tuesday, March 24

It's been spun: Summer Berries

Summer Berries colorway
4 ounces total
End yarn is 10WPI/Worsted weight
2 skeins

I think I'll end up doing a felted bag. I think it's the only thing to do with it really. It's a bit rough and lanoliny. I'm hoping washing will help with that. I'm pretty pleased with the way the colors turned out. I need to give it a good washing. Despite it setting thouroughly the lanolin seems to help rub the dye off. While I was winding it up the dye rubbed off on a few things. Not a big deal since the lanolin rubbed off as well making it rub in/off easily but still...who wants red/purple bleeding?