Tuesday, August 4

It's been knit: Super Secret Stealth Surprise

I realize secret and surprise are the same thing but really....that many s's I couldn't finish with the word knitting. :)

Sweater Details: Pattern: LittleCoffeeBean Yarn: random acrylic Needles: size 8's Pattern size: 3 months Mods: Stripes are 4 and 2 wide instead of 2 wide on all of them. Ribbing isn't as long on any part. Icord bobbles for buttons.

Hat Details: Pattern: My own basic beanie Yarn: same random acrylic Needles: size 8's Pattern size: eh, I'd say 0-3 months :)

(As an aside I hate the random double spacing blogger occasionally does. It pisses me off and I do not like the look of the above paragraphs as a result.)

This is for a sister in law being induced tomorrow. It's her second little boy and when I found out she was being induced I sprang to action knowing it would be soon. Never mind that I have already started 2 or 3 other sweaters for her....this one is the only one to actually get finished. I LOVE it and plan on making more. The yarn sucked but oh well. She needs washable (and not because she's a new mom) so it works. I do love how the colors turned out though. I wasn't sure about the combo but once I got past the first couple stripes I was in love. I tried the hat in just the multiblue color at first and it's actually an ugly color. The solid really helped bring out the good parts of it. :) Total knitting time (for both items together including weaving in ends) was 1 day. Super fast!

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That's cute :)