Friday, August 21

It's been knit: Flower embroidery longies (and hat)

These were done over a week ago (as in finished...took longer than that sicne they were an in between project). I went to Sock Summit and have been debating whether to post my two FO posts or that one. I'll do these first. :)
I did these before we knew gender and was very hopeful that they would stay with me. Luckily they will. :) First...I did a picot waist and cuffs on the longies and brim on the hat. I wasn't sure how the waist would turn out and it's not as defined as the other two parts but it's still there. I like it. Not sure I'll do it again though. :) Both the brim and waist were worked per the picky pants directions. I've seen so many variations for them (and as a result many variations in look) but decided to keep the look consistent. I knew I was going to use those directions for the cuffs so I kept with it the whole way. The hat does have a few rounds of garter stitch after the picot to help keep it from rolling up/out. I found that to be an issue when I did the easter bunny hat so I'm glad I threw it in. It doesn't flare out at all!
Here's a side shot of the leg embroidery (some of these pics are darker/poorer quality....the camera batteries are dying so some were taken on the cell phone). I did REAL embroidery!! I used lazy daisy/detached chain for the flowers and stem stitch for the stems and leaves. The small dots (hard to see here) are french knots. I spent time finding videos that were thorough enough to know not everyone knows how to do this but not so basic I felt stupid. :) I love doing it! So much better than the attempt I did on the tree longies. I did have a picture I used as a reference but I can no longer find it or I'd link it. It's pretty similar to that though. :)
I decided to carry it around the back of the leg and on to the butt. I didn't want a ton there since really, who is goingto be seeing it that much? but also because I didn't want it to look heavy. The leg is already detailed enough.

As you can see, the design is visible on all sides. I wanted just enough visible on the front and/or back to make you want to look at it more but not so much that it was crowded (visually). I'm pretty pleased with the placement. I just eye balled it so was surprised it worked out as well as it did.The hat is my own basic pattern (same as the one in my stealth knitting post). This time I worked it from the bottom up. I'm not sure why I was having such difficulties but I did start it more than once top down. My stitch count was never right though. I did frog back a little at one point in order to readjust length. I had misjudged my total decrease length and it ended up super long. Luckily hats are small so it's not a big deal.
Just a crown shot (stuck on a racoon doll :) ). I'm pretty pleased with how well my decreases turned out. Nice and pretty.

Pattern: Longies: Picky Pants
Hat: Basic baby beanie (mine)
Size: Longies: Newborn with backside increases and short rows, inseam is 6.5-7 inches
Hat: 0-3? Not sure...just winged it..I'll ask my sister in law how her's fits her newborn since it's the same stitch count
Yarn: Green: Cascade 220 Lavender: BFL handspun
Needles: 8's

Only drawback that I can is the length is a bit too long (please don't ask me why I made NEWBORN pants so baffles me) which means cuffing will likely be called for. Since I used the picot hem it's not going to be as smooth/easy or cute. With garter I can cuff it up and it still looks like garter. This onewill be a tad more goofy looking but hopefully it won't be needed for long. Overall, I love this pair! Mostly because I mastered some embroidery!! :)


Kim said...

I LOVE THOSE!!! and must own a pair for the new one!! I cant belive you didnt tell me you did those, you should be tooting your own horn.

Nice job sis!

Softwarellc said...

Ya i love too these woolen stuff

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