Thursday, October 1

It's been done: Fiber to FO

Remember this fiber? Safari from Freckle Face Fibers on Etsy. I never blogged the spinning of it because I had intentions for the final yarn. I wanted to show it all in one post.
I LOVE the way it turned out. I spun it thicker than I normally would and had enough for my item with some left over.
I never did figure out the WPI or end yardage but I had a ton. Squishy too! I admit that at first I wasn't sure I liked how it plied together (my standard 2-ply). There were parts that seemed to cancel out because it plied together with another chunk of itself. I had hoped the green would pop more as well. Once knitted though I loved how subtle the colors were. It really is very Safari like in the sense of the scenery I think.

This horrible picture is from my cell phone. The sad thing is this is the BEST picture I have managed to get in weeks. Weeks? Yes, these have been done since August. I have tried inside and outside and at all times of day. Lights on or off, with dark and light backgrounds. It's impossible to get a decent picture. I am hoping to get truely better ones soon but this is all you get for now. The yellow tones make it hard accuracy wise.

This one almost looks felted but they aren't. Oy, I wish I had better pics! I had to seize the chance though because these really are the best color wise.
Pattern: Picky Pants
Size: Newborn with backside increases and short rows
Mods: Longer inseam (6.5 inches? They are put away so I can't measure right now). I did a simple icord bind off since the yarn is the oomph to these I think. :) I kept everything simple for that reason.

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Holy said...

Wow i think that the real warm one. Its so pretty i liked it. Would love to see more.

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