Wednesday, September 5

Knitting for cold weather- FO

Here in my part of the US temps are dropping and mornings are quite cold. Trees are changing, fans are being turned off, windows only sometimes opened at night. The days are warm but fall is coming so naturally my thoughts turned towards hats and scarves and gloves etc.
I don't make myself things. Occasionally something will pop up that I love but it usually gets gifted. This time around though I was determined to make myself something. Something I would use when it got cold. Something that would use up a single skein of Manos Silk that was bought with me in mind.
Enter Karisma. It was the perfect pattern: not a ton of yarn needed, more than one color needed (so my single skein could still be used), pretty, warm. I could go on.
Cascade 220 (purple) and Manos Silk in Steel (blue)

They knit up fast. Really, really fast. And they use next to no yarn. That picture right there? That's AFTER I was done. I have enough left over to make a hat should I so desire. And I do.

It's not quite cold enough to wear them yet. As evidenced by the grass you can see here.

I love to see the inside of projects like this. The inside out one isn't blocked yet. I weaved in ends and ran out the door for pictures. The manos is a dream to knit with. I've been a fan of it since the first project I used some but this was a whole new level of lovely. It's soft, it withstands frogging (this skein has already been used once before in cabled mitts but frogged shortly after finishing), it doesn't shed, it's soft. I think I said that already. The color is clean and consistent. I'd buy more if there was any near me. My only mods to the pattern was the cuff. As written the cuff is almost 5 inches long. I opted for 2 inches. Part of that was because I wanted to make sure I had enough of the manos to make it all the way through and part of it was because who needs a 5 inch cuff!? I may go back and add another inch to them (vs a hat) but that can wait until winter is here and I know how much arm pokes out from my coat. I did end up tacking down the floats around the thumb just to avoid snagging it on my fingers. It's a bit tight at the top and bottom of the thumb now but that will ease up with wear.

To say I'm pleased with them would be an understatment. I wasn't sure of the contrasting fingers when I saw the pattern but am so glad I stuck with them. This one marked a few firsts for me: silk, gloves, and made for myself. I definitely want a few more weeks of warmth but I wouldn't mind a cold snap cold enough to require some hand coverings.

Sunday, September 2

A couple FO's

Things have been a little busy here lately. Some big changes, beyond the store, have been happening. Knitting has been going on but in small amounts. Despite that, I've recently finished 3 things and have a 4th in progree.

First up: 198 yds of Heaven. I used some Ruble Red Prairie Silks (the same one that Abalone's been frogged). It was fast and easy and lovely. Mine came out a bit smaller than the pattern states but we all know why that is. Gauge.

Next up: a random cowl. Done in some leftover Lion Brand Amazing (LOVE this yarn). There is no pattern. I cast on a TON of stitches in the dark one night, joined while trying not to twist stitches (but did) and knit til I ran out of yarn. Nice and simple and huge. The slight twist in it is nice. It rolls despite a garter edge (not a thick one mind you) but I like that. It adds to it. Blocked it came out to longer than 40 inches. It reaches a bit past my knees. You can't tell in these pics but then again, it's not blocked in them. :)

The final one: a headwrap. This is intended for someone who covers their hair. The lace pattern, candle light, reminded me of the person so I cast on before even running the idea by her. :) It's also in Prairie Silks but I don't recall the color. I used an entire skein (88yds), frogged back a bit to shorten it, edged it in another PS color, and added ties. I love it. It's about 6 inches wide and length is adjustable due to ties. The edge and ties are crochet with the edge having a picot on each point of the pattern.