Sunday, September 2

A couple FO's

Things have been a little busy here lately. Some big changes, beyond the store, have been happening. Knitting has been going on but in small amounts. Despite that, I've recently finished 3 things and have a 4th in progree.

First up: 198 yds of Heaven. I used some Ruble Red Prairie Silks (the same one that Abalone's been frogged). It was fast and easy and lovely. Mine came out a bit smaller than the pattern states but we all know why that is. Gauge.

Next up: a random cowl. Done in some leftover Lion Brand Amazing (LOVE this yarn). There is no pattern. I cast on a TON of stitches in the dark one night, joined while trying not to twist stitches (but did) and knit til I ran out of yarn. Nice and simple and huge. The slight twist in it is nice. It rolls despite a garter edge (not a thick one mind you) but I like that. It adds to it. Blocked it came out to longer than 40 inches. It reaches a bit past my knees. You can't tell in these pics but then again, it's not blocked in them. :)

The final one: a headwrap. This is intended for someone who covers their hair. The lace pattern, candle light, reminded me of the person so I cast on before even running the idea by her. :) It's also in Prairie Silks but I don't recall the color. I used an entire skein (88yds), frogged back a bit to shorten it, edged it in another PS color, and added ties. I love it. It's about 6 inches wide and length is adjustable due to ties. The edge and ties are crochet with the edge having a picot on each point of the pattern.

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