Saturday, May 25

The yin of swatching

I hate to swatch. This should come as no surprise since I have mentioned it before. As have countless other knitters across the world. It's boring. It's tedious. It takes time you could otherwise use to be knitting your desired project.

I know it has a place in the great world of fibery things. I've been redoing all the ones for Master Handknitters because I realized...they could be BETTER so I very much know they are an important part of things.

But it's swatching and it's boring and it brings me to levels of frustration that I'm sure Kindgeraten teachers face every day of the year. I have plans though.

Lots of plans. These plans of mine have brought out a degree of motivation and thrill that not only have I started a swatch (more than once) but I've drawn specs and done a bit of math.

This will be good. And that swatch WILL get done and be blocked (correctly, not with a steam iron) and things will move forward.

Sunday, May 5

Handspun swatch

One of my favorite parts of using my handspun is swatching (GASP! ).

Gauge: 24 rows, 15 stitches= 2 inches
Needles: size 2