Tuesday, July 29

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Or so the saying goes.

I sort of drifted away from blogging for a bit and if I'm honest, knitting and spinning too. At the time of my last post I was one month out from a separation. Since then I've gotten divorced, moved, closed my physical location, and enrolled in school. What time I had left at the end of the day went to things like sleep and keeping my head on straight.

That has passed though. I start school in a month. My kids start in two. I've settled into my new home and have some idea of a routine going for my day. I work and am able to do so at any time of day that I want. I have time again.

Time to spin. Time to knit. Time to finish writing patterns that have sat neglected for far too long. Time to blog.

I have a test knit on the needles right now. It's staring at me, atop the pattern notes on my desk. On the other side is some yarn, that while not spun, is a new idea I have. On the wheel in the other room is some silk. Somewhere in my email I have directions for the table loom I got last year and have yet to touch. Stashed in my knitting bag is a shawl intended for Rhinebeck.

Slowly, but surely, it's coming back to me. My fingers are loosening into the movements they know and love. My feet are getting into the flow of the up and down motion needed to power my wheel. I find myself browsing patterns late at night and jotting down thoughts for my own. My mind and my muscles can once again focus on the small things that set me at ease, that soothe the bumps and scrapes of the day to day, that settle my thoughts when everything else in the world has gone to sleep.

Slowly, but surely, it's coming back to me.