Thursday, August 31

Just a reminder

So S found my knitting notebook the other day while we were cleaning. Lovely little gal hat she is ;) she promptly tore it up and ate half of it. Yay for roughage! So I think I need to make my list...well...less edible.

* WHW wraps- finish the ugly 70's for Ja. and start pink one for S. Start Elijah one for S.
* PP longies- Start two pairs for S
* Sesame- start for moi!
* Red washcloths- finish for kitchen
* Yellow washcloths- start for bathroom

I got rid of the second skein of 70's!! I posted pictures on the wrap for Ja. on the yarn forum. I did complain about the yarn. I am not thrilled with it. A mama there on the other hand is. She wanted to know where I got it. So I let her now I had another skein that she could have and was she interested i na trade. Turns out she is. I'm getting some lace weight yarn in exchange. She'll be getting the one skein and what ever is elft after I finish the wrap. I couldn't be happier! The yarn I am getting is pretty! I can't wait. So that makes two skeins of yarn and a pair of needle sthat i am expecting. I also have some LTK handpainted yarn in Elijah. A mama on MDC wanted someone to do some knitting for her. I offered and we got everything worked out. She bought the yarn and sent it my way. Turns out she bought too little. She was trying to figure it out but it wasn't working out very well. She pm'd me the other night to let me know I could either keep it or sell it and keep the money. Either way was fine by her! I am having some yarn luck lately. :) I know there is more I should add to my list but I don't want to think. :)

Wednesday, August 30

Behold...the feel of cotton

I FINALLY finished a washrag for our house. It has taken me forever but oh well. It's 12 garter ridges, 6 rows of stockinette, and another 12 garter ridges. I was just going to do garter stitch the whole time but I got to thinking. Every washrag I have ends up slipping down around the bottom of the faucet. It bugs the crap out of me. So I put in the stockinette rows. There are two garter stitches on the end of each row as well. It kind of creates a ditch that is perfect for the faucet. It is currently on there and has NOT slipped down yet. :)

Here is the whole wash rag. It's not been blocked because it doesn't matter. :) It is wet in this picture but only cause I quickly put it to work and then remembered to take pictures.

This is a picture of the wash rag in action. See? No slippage. The stockinette rows sit perfectly on top. I didn't even measure it to see how many rows to do! I just winged it.

Ahhh...the feel of cotton. ;)

Tuesday, August 29

Almost done!

Ahhh...almost finished with the wrap. Because I am eager to share pictures I snapped one last night. And without a bunch of chitter chatter here it is!

It still reminds me of the 70's but it's not looking too shabby. The x design has dissappeared which makes me happy. Not sure why but I didn't want that in there. I'm glad the greyish color is repeating itself more in there. I think it helps break up the 70ishness of it all. Or adds to it. Not sure which. I showed the picture to the intended mama and she loves it. She wants me to make her a couple more. AND she wants to pay me. I told her that I would accept yarn as payment and that I'd be more than happy to make her a couple. I know how hard it can be to find a good cover. This one seems to be a pretty good fit, absorbancy, and it works under clothes.

I'm going to be starting a scarf for myself. When I first learned how to knit back in December I bought this acrylic yarn that I ended up making into the first soaker I made for the chitlin. I still have some left over and it still screams at me to make it a scarf. So I'm going to. I want something pretty. I want something simple. I want something feminine. I found that. By sheer accident. I think it will look perfect with the color of the yarn. I do wish I were making it in something softer but this will do great. I hope.

Sunday, August 27

For the love of knitting

The WHW wrap is just about done. And as soon as I find my stupid camera charger I will take pictures for you all to drool over. ;)

Last night I got lucky. I hit new posts on Mothering and saw someone wanted to sell some yarn. I clicked in to see what the yarn was and fell in love. It was organic. It was Mosaic Moon (I've been wanting to try their yarn). And it was in colors that I love and search out often. The mama selling it didn't have anyone showing interest so I sent her a message to see if she would do a trade. She said yes! I'm making her some toys for her daughter (who is the same age as S!). The yarn is fabulous! Here is proof:

Beautiful no?

When I posted asking about short circs there were a couple women who had had a pair or two at one time. Unfortunately they had either sold them or could not locate them. Tonight I got a pm. It was a lady asking for my address...she had something for me. I sent her my address and asked what it was. She had found a pair of the circs she thought she had sold!!! So she is going to send them to me. AND they are in the size I need for socks for DH.

I cannot wait for the mail this week. I am getting some fibery goodness!

Saturday, August 26

Still stuck in the 70's

I'm slowly making progress on the WHW wrap. I had to put it down the other night and take a rbeak. I was holding my needles so hard and tight that my thumb was cramping. I've never had a cramp in this spot. Not the actual thumb per say but that fleshy triangle BETWEEN your thumb and pointer finger. Ever get a cramp there? I don't recommend it.

I am about 4 inches into it. The size I am making asks for 4.5 inches before doing the crotch/leg decreases but to be on the safe side I think I'll do five inches. The wrap I have for S is this size and I would prefer a little more length to it in this portion. Because I had to cast on 40 stitches I have an x emerging. Back in July when I did washrags for my SIL I did them all with a co of 40 stitches. Being a green and white striped yarn I got a huge white x in it. All the points were in the corners and it crossed perfectly in the middle. I thought it was ugly. She liked it. I have this x appearing again. This time though I have it going in two colors. One piece is orange and the other is the greyish white color. Sitting in my chair looking down at it I can hardly see the shape but again I am only 4 inches in. Give it another inch.

I showed the yarn (well a picture) to a friend today and she said, "Well it's not as bad as you made it sound". So I guess that's good. I pointed out that the picture did it far more justice than it should.

I bought some more cotton last night. I have to say I am quickly falling in love with it. It is a pain in the ass but you know what? There is something so simple and eprfect about cotton that even though I despise the lack of spring I find myself stocking up on it. We went to Wal-Mart and I discovered the only redeeming quality of that hell hole. 1 lb. cones of Peaches and Cream. I had bought my first two cones there when we visited family in July. It was in a town about 45 minutes from us and I had forgotten about it. Last night we headed into a town about 15 minutes from us. I wandered back to the yarn while DH looked at office stuff. Right there in the back on an end shelf was a HUGE shelf of cotton. This was a tall bookcase style shelf.....about 6 shelves on it all together....each one stuffed with cotton. I quickly scoured over the colors and grabbed three. I managed to get Desert Sands (browns and whites/creamish colors), Morning Glory ( purples, creams, whites, and yellows), and my favorite....sour green apple (blues, browns, and greens). I think each one was about 7 bucks. There were many colors I wanted but some were far more boyish than I wanted. DH pointed out I could actually get something boyish and I don't know....make him something. ;) He has claimed the sour green apple for himself.

I am wanting to get the earwarmer hat pattern from LTK. DH really likes it and wants a couple done for him. I decided I was going to do al lthe boys in our family one for Christmas and then for the women something simple like a scarf. That way I'm not panicking at the last minute trying to do seven hundred different projects. And that's how many there are. There are 17 nieces/nephews on DH's side. A bunch of procreating fools I tell ya'.

Tuesday, August 22

Flashback to the 70's

Bust out the 70's baby!

I got to check off some things on my insanely long list of things to be knitted. Some I checked off because I doubt I will do them soon (like Tempting 1 and 2). I'm left with only things that are possible right now and most importantly managable. Don't get me's still long. I counted 17 things today. AND some of those are in washrags. I can't say how many cause I'm just going until I'm out of cotton. Ahhh......the unknown.

As I glanced over my list I felt inspired so I wanted to knit. I'm not in the mood to knit for me or my family right now though. It just doesn't seem as grand an idea as knitting for someone else. :)

I decided to get some of the covers I have on my list out of the way. I've been itching to do the WHW wrap pattern again and since I printed it off I have cast on a couple times. None of the yarn was THE yarn though. So I checked my list to see who needed one and decided to do J's. She likes the 70's yarn. Thank god.

I pulled it out and cast on. I forgot how SPLENDID this yarn is to knit with. Ugly yes. Soft...gloriously so. It's the perfect yarn for me right now. I'm not loving cotton right now as it's got no spring. I despise my squeaky acrylic. And the pink merino for S is soft but thin. I wanted something with substance but not as much as my Manos. This is right in between and feels like butter on my fingers.

I was almost through the 8 rows of twisted rib when I started to doubt it. I had a feeling something was off. My rows stitches weren't looking right. I noticed it on about rox four or five. I wasn't sure yet though since it wasn't far enough into the pattern to show anything. On the next row I had to refigure out what one I was on. I knew right then and there it was going to be redone. I figured it out and went to knitting and ended on a purl. I needed a knit stitch. I scooted it down my needle and saw that I was indeed right. I had messed it up. But the funny thing is I had only done it in a very small section. I had cast on 40 stitches. The first 25-30 were perfect. The next 5 or 6 were screwed up and then the rest were perfect. How I managed to do that I have no idea. I yanked it all off and re cast on. Thank god it wasn't a ton of work. I hate going back to a row and working from there. I hate frogging a large section more though so this worked out. I was on row 6. No biggie.

I finally went and checked out Lorna's Laces. Oh.My.Goodness!! That stuff is GORGEOUS! I need some and I need it now. :)

I posted on MDC to see about tiny circs for socks. Did you know they exist? They do. AND they aren't too hard on the wallet. I was expecting them to be pretty spendy since they might be considered a specialty...I would think so at least. Not at all. About the same as other pairs. is the link someone gave me for them. I can't wait to get some. I think they will make sock knitting much easier for me. I'm sure there is a learning curve to them. I really want to try socks but I hate the Magic Loop and I feel to awkward with DPN's. I suppose I could try two circs but honestly why do more than need be?

Saturday, August 19

Ze kimono is feenished!

I finished it! Last night of course. I got it all blocked out and seamed up. I did that part today. I started it alst night but got frustrated and yanked it apart. I rewatched the movie for mattress stitch this morning and got it all done rather quickly. I love that seam! It is fabulous! :)

Without further ado:

This is the up close of the ties and garter stitch border and the yo increase. Slightly different than the other side but still somewhat similar. :)

An up close of the garter stitch of the arm holes. Two stitches on each side. :)

And finally.....the whole thing! Isn't it so cute? Is it gender neutral enough? Please say yes. :)

So close...yet so far away

The kimono is being blocked! I wasn't able to finish it yesterday as planned. We had a long trip (in the car!) and while I had brought it to work on I quickly noticed two things. 1. I didn't have my ruler/tape measure therefor measuring a body length of four inches was going to be tough and 2. S was in the back seat screaming at us....or was asleep. When it was the screaming she simply wanted someone to sit by her so I was crawling between the front and back seat often. When she was asleep I was so thrilled that I didn't dare pick up my needles for fear og clicking away and waking her up. :)

I bound off about thirty minutes ago. I took a break and had some food and then pinned it to the floor. I'm worried though. As I was plugging along everything was lining up great. It matched the other side, it matched itself where it should etc. However when I fold BOTH arms over to creat the arms it's not so matching anymore. I'm not sure why. I did everything how I was supposed to and was on with gauge. I used the same brand cotton and the right sized needles. I'm hoping it's just one of those things that look off and once sewn up it will look good. I've been watching the MD KAL to see if anyone mentions having issues with it and so far no one has said anything. I'm hoping it's just late night delirium.

Either way tomorrow morning it gets sewn up. I'l likely do a bib tomorrow as well. If I somehow can find the energy required for it I may start it tonight. It is rather pointless/mindless knitting.

Aside from that I have a ton of knitting to do. I am making a diaper cover for a friend who is having a girl. I went through all of DD's baby clothes and pulled out what doesn't fit anymore. This is going to one clothed baby! I need to get the cover made up and I am debating doing a kimono for her. Honestly though the allure of this pattern has not only left the building but has retired as well. I'm just not feelin' the love.

Wednesday, August 16

Kimono torture

About five seconds after I hit submit last time my brothers showed up with some gloriously clean fleece for me! It's not over greasy but you can still feel the lanolin and it's white. Oh boy howdy is it white! Actually more cream based but in comparison to the rest that stuff glows! I can't wait to get using this stuff. And dying. And knitting.....oh man.

I ended up frogging the right side section of the kimono. It was not turing out well at all. No matter what I did it was atrocious. So I posted on the yarn forum over at MDC and got some help. It didn't work. So I frogged some more and grabbed MD. I opened it up to look at the picture and to read the pattern. I decided to look at the instructions for the yo increase and went with that. It's turning out great! It looks a bit different from the other side but not so much that you really notice. I think I notice so much because I'm doing it. I have a couple more inches on the arm part and then start my decreases. If I can I'll likely finish it tonight, if not I'll do it on the road tomorrow. Then blocking and some seaming and you shall see a picture! DH keeps telling me to redye the yarn since it has pink in it. I told him to leave me alone about it. I figure it's small enough and going to be for a newborn that the colors won't matter. Everyone questions the gender regardless of clothing color until babies are about two or three months anyway!

Speaking of babies. Another lady I know is pregnant and a kind of friend is thinking she is. Why are they popping up everywhere? Is it because I am torn on this baby front and don't know how I feel about it? I'm jealous of this kind of friend. I've never been jealous of her. I think I shall solve my baby issues with some baby knitting....that I can mail away as sson as I finish it. :)

Friday, August 11

Socky socky sock

I've been thinking about socks a lot lately. I was trying out Thuja since it's on bigger needles and I had yarn that fit the gauge. Some simple dark blue merino but it worked. I saw somewhere the other day a vintage sock knitting machine. Holy cow!!! Talk about a contraption. But it got me thinking....would I be nuts to find some super tiny circs (even if I had to get them custom) and do them on one set? I'd have to split once I got the the heel/foot portion but it oculd be done right? Please tell me yes cause I would be crazy enough to attempt that one.

I'm almost done with the kimono. For those of you readers who don't know, it's knit in one piece. You finish up the left side and reattach the yarn and finish the right side. I finished up the left last night while we watched Fantastic Four and rejoined my yarn. I had a knitting for dummies book I used to try and figure that part out. S was asleep in the other room and I was not risking getting on the computer to make sure I was doing it right. I am doing the yarn over increase and so far I'm a bit confused on it. The left side was easy since the increase is done on the RS near the neck line. So what? That means the first stitch on the RS was the actual increase. The front line of that piece is nice and smooth and very consistent looking. It turned out great. The right side is not looking as good. Again the increase is done on the neck line on the RS. Problem is that makes the increase the last stitch. I'm not gting a smooth even looking finish. I've only done a couple and I know from experience that it's hard to tell what a pattern is going to look like until you get a couple inches in. It's got to settle but it's just not working for me. I'm having to do the increase on the second to last stitch I'm thinking. I've altered the pattern a bit. It's such a simple one that I wanted a little more oomph to it. I have a garter stitch edging on the bottom all the way aruond and I did a k2 edging on the wrist portion. Not a lot of fanciness but it's enough to break up the monotony of it all. I am doing it in stockinette which may be why I am having a hard time with the yo on the right side.

My mom cleaned up the chunk of fleece she took. She actually had it done within a day or two of taking it. My brother is supposed to be on his way over here to drop it off but he has yet to show. My mom would like to take more and I'm avoiding it but I have a feeling it won't last long. Now all I need to get is a drop spindle so I can get to spinning. She did buy the plans for two different wheels the other day and is going to see if she can't have someone make them for us. I'm pretty excited about that but we'll see. She's weird about money and I'm not sure when and if it will happen. I think I'm better off finding a place to rent from.

Tuesday, August 8

Baby knitting

I'm purified by pain. HA!

Due to a recent finding out of a friend being pregnant I have abandoned socks (ok I failed miserably at them and they depress me so I stuffed them in the bottom of my knitting bag) to create something lovely and tiny. I cast on the other day for the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono (Mason Dixon Knitting). I was actually excted to use up some of my acrylic. What a more perfect way to use it! The girl I am knitting this for isn't neccessarily....well......I fear for this kimono if I had done it in anything else. I didn't want her to wash it wrong and it be ruined. Not saying the girl is a dunce but I am saying her husband is. And they aren't as concerned about preserving that sort of thing. Anyways, the acrylic I chose sucked. NOTE to self: STOP USING ACRYLIC! It was squeaky and rough and gross. I was dreading it yet again. Then I had an epiphany! I had cotton that I personally wouldn't use anywhere in my house. Or on my daughter. Or anything related to me actually. It's not ugly...just not me. So I pulled that out, the acrylic off the needles, and re-cast on.

It's flying! I just finished up the arm increases and have finally had to set it down. My hand was starting to cramp up throughout the knuckle area and my finger tips are getting raw. I cranked out 2 inches last night and another 4.5 today. I was surprised I go that much done. Between chasing the wee one and entertaining the bigger wee one I didn't really have much down time. I'll finish it up here in the next day or so and then I'll do a bib to match. I plan on using the Mason Dixon pattern for it as well. Oh yeah, the cotton is Sugar and Cream in Peppercorn. The set is for a boy but it's bordering on girly. I don't know how to make it appear more boyish. The pattern isn't very girly at all, in fact it's very gender neutral. The cotton though has some pink streaks in it. I'm hoping that since it's in a size newborn that it will help. And hey! Ultrasounds are wrong every day. :)

The socks I started fo rthe MDC KAL are being unloved. I am not liking socks really. At least not this pattern and yarn. I think I want to try two circs to do a pair. I don't like magic loop so maybe that would help. I feel kind of dumb about it all actually. I mean I start this KAL and get people in it and going and what not and I can't even complete the project for my very own KAL. Gee, go camp dweeby. :)

Friday, August 4

Fibery goodness

We're finally moved!!! Ok, we have been for about a week or two now but since I am just now getting here to tell you all about it it's only natural to see we finally moved. :)

We are almost completely unpacked...just a few random boxes here and there. I haven't touched any knitting yet. I went to pull out the socks for DH and realized I have a needle missing. I think it's somewhere in the car but have not had the motivation or the energy required to tackle that beast. I'm sure it's in the front seat somewhere. I need to go find it though. I started the MDC sock KAL and haven't actually been able to do any KAL!

My mom came by the other day. I wasn't really wanting her to since we have decided to cut her out of our lives as much as possible but it was inevitable. She looked at some of my yarn and the covers I've knit and said I should go with her to the next spinning league meeting. She also looked at my fleece and asked to take some home to clean. I let her but it was against my will. I don't WANT her to take it home and I don't WANT her to strip everything out of it with Dawn. I know it's going to come back clean and ready to spin but she seems to over do it. I don't want it coming back something so altered that I cry. Yeah, I admit it. Things like that make me cry and frankly I can see her doign that. She loves to chemicalize everything and iof given the chance I'm sure she would. *sigh* I should have gone with my gut and said no. Buck up girl!

I have a pair of longies I'm knitting for someone else in the Elijah colorway. I finally got everything unpakced to a degree that would enable knitting and when I pulled out my pattern I realized I was short yarn. The lady wants longies. Her son falls between two sizes. We've agreed on the larger pair. However, I only have enough for shorties in the smaller pair. She's going to order more yarn and I'm going to wait to knit it. I just want to start! I feel like I'm in an imposed knitting limbo. On the plus side, not only is she getting another skein of Elijah but she is going to get some Black Rainbow as well! I've been wanting to try that forever and now I can!

The people who lived her before us left some things...a washer, an old bunkbed, and a couch. There were some other random things but those were the bulk of it. They left this old beat up dresser in the abck room that I had orignally thought about chucking. I have no problem adopting left behinds and cleaning them up and making them our own. No snese throwing out things if they can be rehabilitated you know? So I checked the dresser out. There was some water damage on the top, a side piece along the bottom was gone, and most of the handles were broken. So I pulled out all the drawers and moved the dresser out into the other room. That's when it dawned on me. I needed storage for yarn and fabric and I needed a bigger piece in my living room to take up space. BINGO! I wiped it all out and got to putting things away. One side (three drawers each side) has all my fabric and the other side has all my yarn (seperated by type...natural or nasty :) ). Now it will be come a project to beautify it. Should be fun!