Friday, August 11

Socky socky sock

I've been thinking about socks a lot lately. I was trying out Thuja since it's on bigger needles and I had yarn that fit the gauge. Some simple dark blue merino but it worked. I saw somewhere the other day a vintage sock knitting machine. Holy cow!!! Talk about a contraption. But it got me thinking....would I be nuts to find some super tiny circs (even if I had to get them custom) and do them on one set? I'd have to split once I got the the heel/foot portion but it oculd be done right? Please tell me yes cause I would be crazy enough to attempt that one.

I'm almost done with the kimono. For those of you readers who don't know, it's knit in one piece. You finish up the left side and reattach the yarn and finish the right side. I finished up the left last night while we watched Fantastic Four and rejoined my yarn. I had a knitting for dummies book I used to try and figure that part out. S was asleep in the other room and I was not risking getting on the computer to make sure I was doing it right. I am doing the yarn over increase and so far I'm a bit confused on it. The left side was easy since the increase is done on the RS near the neck line. So what? That means the first stitch on the RS was the actual increase. The front line of that piece is nice and smooth and very consistent looking. It turned out great. The right side is not looking as good. Again the increase is done on the neck line on the RS. Problem is that makes the increase the last stitch. I'm not gting a smooth even looking finish. I've only done a couple and I know from experience that it's hard to tell what a pattern is going to look like until you get a couple inches in. It's got to settle but it's just not working for me. I'm having to do the increase on the second to last stitch I'm thinking. I've altered the pattern a bit. It's such a simple one that I wanted a little more oomph to it. I have a garter stitch edging on the bottom all the way aruond and I did a k2 edging on the wrist portion. Not a lot of fanciness but it's enough to break up the monotony of it all. I am doing it in stockinette which may be why I am having a hard time with the yo on the right side.

My mom cleaned up the chunk of fleece she took. She actually had it done within a day or two of taking it. My brother is supposed to be on his way over here to drop it off but he has yet to show. My mom would like to take more and I'm avoiding it but I have a feeling it won't last long. Now all I need to get is a drop spindle so I can get to spinning. She did buy the plans for two different wheels the other day and is going to see if she can't have someone make them for us. I'm pretty excited about that but we'll see. She's weird about money and I'm not sure when and if it will happen. I think I'm better off finding a place to rent from.

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