Tuesday, August 29

Almost done!

Ahhh...almost finished with the wrap. Because I am eager to share pictures I snapped one last night. And without a bunch of chitter chatter here it is!

It still reminds me of the 70's but it's not looking too shabby. The x design has dissappeared which makes me happy. Not sure why but I didn't want that in there. I'm glad the greyish color is repeating itself more in there. I think it helps break up the 70ishness of it all. Or adds to it. Not sure which. I showed the picture to the intended mama and she loves it. She wants me to make her a couple more. AND she wants to pay me. I told her that I would accept yarn as payment and that I'd be more than happy to make her a couple. I know how hard it can be to find a good cover. This one seems to be a pretty good fit, absorbancy, and it works under clothes.

I'm going to be starting a scarf for myself. When I first learned how to knit back in December I bought this acrylic yarn that I ended up making into the first soaker I made for the chitlin. I still have some left over and it still screams at me to make it a scarf. So I'm going to. I want something pretty. I want something simple. I want something feminine. I found that. By sheer accident. http://www.helloyarn.com/fallscarf.htm I think it will look perfect with the color of the yarn. I do wish I were making it in something softer but this will do great. I hope.

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