Sunday, August 27

For the love of knitting

The WHW wrap is just about done. And as soon as I find my stupid camera charger I will take pictures for you all to drool over. ;)

Last night I got lucky. I hit new posts on Mothering and saw someone wanted to sell some yarn. I clicked in to see what the yarn was and fell in love. It was organic. It was Mosaic Moon (I've been wanting to try their yarn). And it was in colors that I love and search out often. The mama selling it didn't have anyone showing interest so I sent her a message to see if she would do a trade. She said yes! I'm making her some toys for her daughter (who is the same age as S!). The yarn is fabulous! Here is proof:

Beautiful no?

When I posted asking about short circs there were a couple women who had had a pair or two at one time. Unfortunately they had either sold them or could not locate them. Tonight I got a pm. It was a lady asking for my address...she had something for me. I sent her my address and asked what it was. She had found a pair of the circs she thought she had sold!!! So she is going to send them to me. AND they are in the size I need for socks for DH.

I cannot wait for the mail this week. I am getting some fibery goodness!

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