Saturday, August 19

Ze kimono is feenished!

I finished it! Last night of course. I got it all blocked out and seamed up. I did that part today. I started it alst night but got frustrated and yanked it apart. I rewatched the movie for mattress stitch this morning and got it all done rather quickly. I love that seam! It is fabulous! :)

Without further ado:

This is the up close of the ties and garter stitch border and the yo increase. Slightly different than the other side but still somewhat similar. :)

An up close of the garter stitch of the arm holes. Two stitches on each side. :)

And finally.....the whole thing! Isn't it so cute? Is it gender neutral enough? Please say yes. :)

1 comment:

Jillian said...

That is such a cute sweater! And yes, it's definitely gender neutral :)