Saturday, August 26

Still stuck in the 70's

I'm slowly making progress on the WHW wrap. I had to put it down the other night and take a rbeak. I was holding my needles so hard and tight that my thumb was cramping. I've never had a cramp in this spot. Not the actual thumb per say but that fleshy triangle BETWEEN your thumb and pointer finger. Ever get a cramp there? I don't recommend it.

I am about 4 inches into it. The size I am making asks for 4.5 inches before doing the crotch/leg decreases but to be on the safe side I think I'll do five inches. The wrap I have for S is this size and I would prefer a little more length to it in this portion. Because I had to cast on 40 stitches I have an x emerging. Back in July when I did washrags for my SIL I did them all with a co of 40 stitches. Being a green and white striped yarn I got a huge white x in it. All the points were in the corners and it crossed perfectly in the middle. I thought it was ugly. She liked it. I have this x appearing again. This time though I have it going in two colors. One piece is orange and the other is the greyish white color. Sitting in my chair looking down at it I can hardly see the shape but again I am only 4 inches in. Give it another inch.

I showed the yarn (well a picture) to a friend today and she said, "Well it's not as bad as you made it sound". So I guess that's good. I pointed out that the picture did it far more justice than it should.

I bought some more cotton last night. I have to say I am quickly falling in love with it. It is a pain in the ass but you know what? There is something so simple and eprfect about cotton that even though I despise the lack of spring I find myself stocking up on it. We went to Wal-Mart and I discovered the only redeeming quality of that hell hole. 1 lb. cones of Peaches and Cream. I had bought my first two cones there when we visited family in July. It was in a town about 45 minutes from us and I had forgotten about it. Last night we headed into a town about 15 minutes from us. I wandered back to the yarn while DH looked at office stuff. Right there in the back on an end shelf was a HUGE shelf of cotton. This was a tall bookcase style shelf.....about 6 shelves on it all together....each one stuffed with cotton. I quickly scoured over the colors and grabbed three. I managed to get Desert Sands (browns and whites/creamish colors), Morning Glory ( purples, creams, whites, and yellows), and my favorite....sour green apple (blues, browns, and greens). I think each one was about 7 bucks. There were many colors I wanted but some were far more boyish than I wanted. DH pointed out I could actually get something boyish and I don't know....make him something. ;) He has claimed the sour green apple for himself.

I am wanting to get the earwarmer hat pattern from LTK. DH really likes it and wants a couple done for him. I decided I was going to do al lthe boys in our family one for Christmas and then for the women something simple like a scarf. That way I'm not panicking at the last minute trying to do seven hundred different projects. And that's how many there are. There are 17 nieces/nephews on DH's side. A bunch of procreating fools I tell ya'.

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