Tuesday, August 8

Baby knitting

I'm purified by pain. HA!

Due to a recent finding out of a friend being pregnant I have abandoned socks (ok I failed miserably at them and they depress me so I stuffed them in the bottom of my knitting bag) to create something lovely and tiny. I cast on the other day for the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono (Mason Dixon Knitting). I was actually excted to use up some of my acrylic. What a more perfect way to use it! The girl I am knitting this for isn't neccessarily....well......I fear for this kimono if I had done it in anything else. I didn't want her to wash it wrong and it be ruined. Not saying the girl is a dunce but I am saying her husband is. And they aren't as concerned about preserving that sort of thing. Anyways, the acrylic I chose sucked. NOTE to self: STOP USING ACRYLIC! It was squeaky and rough and gross. I was dreading it yet again. Then I had an epiphany! I had cotton that I personally wouldn't use anywhere in my house. Or on my daughter. Or anything related to me actually. It's not ugly...just not me. So I pulled that out, the acrylic off the needles, and re-cast on.

It's flying! I just finished up the arm increases and have finally had to set it down. My hand was starting to cramp up throughout the knuckle area and my finger tips are getting raw. I cranked out 2 inches last night and another 4.5 today. I was surprised I go that much done. Between chasing the wee one and entertaining the bigger wee one I didn't really have much down time. I'll finish it up here in the next day or so and then I'll do a bib to match. I plan on using the Mason Dixon pattern for it as well. Oh yeah, the cotton is Sugar and Cream in Peppercorn. The set is for a boy but it's bordering on girly. I don't know how to make it appear more boyish. The pattern isn't very girly at all, in fact it's very gender neutral. The cotton though has some pink streaks in it. I'm hoping that since it's in a size newborn that it will help. And hey! Ultrasounds are wrong every day. :)

The socks I started fo rthe MDC KAL are being unloved. I am not liking socks really. At least not this pattern and yarn. I think I want to try two circs to do a pair. I don't like magic loop so maybe that would help. I feel kind of dumb about it all actually. I mean I start this KAL and get people in it and going and what not and I can't even complete the project for my very own KAL. Gee, go camp dweeby. :)

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Vegan Knitting said...

What sock yarn and pattern were you doing?