Saturday, August 19

So close...yet so far away

The kimono is being blocked! I wasn't able to finish it yesterday as planned. We had a long trip (in the car!) and while I had brought it to work on I quickly noticed two things. 1. I didn't have my ruler/tape measure therefor measuring a body length of four inches was going to be tough and 2. S was in the back seat screaming at us....or was asleep. When it was the screaming she simply wanted someone to sit by her so I was crawling between the front and back seat often. When she was asleep I was so thrilled that I didn't dare pick up my needles for fear og clicking away and waking her up. :)

I bound off about thirty minutes ago. I took a break and had some food and then pinned it to the floor. I'm worried though. As I was plugging along everything was lining up great. It matched the other side, it matched itself where it should etc. However when I fold BOTH arms over to creat the arms it's not so matching anymore. I'm not sure why. I did everything how I was supposed to and was on with gauge. I used the same brand cotton and the right sized needles. I'm hoping it's just one of those things that look off and once sewn up it will look good. I've been watching the MD KAL to see if anyone mentions having issues with it and so far no one has said anything. I'm hoping it's just late night delirium.

Either way tomorrow morning it gets sewn up. I'l likely do a bib tomorrow as well. If I somehow can find the energy required for it I may start it tonight. It is rather pointless/mindless knitting.

Aside from that I have a ton of knitting to do. I am making a diaper cover for a friend who is having a girl. I went through all of DD's baby clothes and pulled out what doesn't fit anymore. This is going to one clothed baby! I need to get the cover made up and I am debating doing a kimono for her. Honestly though the allure of this pattern has not only left the building but has retired as well. I'm just not feelin' the love.

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