Wednesday, August 30

Behold...the feel of cotton

I FINALLY finished a washrag for our house. It has taken me forever but oh well. It's 12 garter ridges, 6 rows of stockinette, and another 12 garter ridges. I was just going to do garter stitch the whole time but I got to thinking. Every washrag I have ends up slipping down around the bottom of the faucet. It bugs the crap out of me. So I put in the stockinette rows. There are two garter stitches on the end of each row as well. It kind of creates a ditch that is perfect for the faucet. It is currently on there and has NOT slipped down yet. :)

Here is the whole wash rag. It's not been blocked because it doesn't matter. :) It is wet in this picture but only cause I quickly put it to work and then remembered to take pictures.

This is a picture of the wash rag in action. See? No slippage. The stockinette rows sit perfectly on top. I didn't even measure it to see how many rows to do! I just winged it.

Ahhh...the feel of cotton. ;)

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