Thursday, August 31

Just a reminder

So S found my knitting notebook the other day while we were cleaning. Lovely little gal hat she is ;) she promptly tore it up and ate half of it. Yay for roughage! So I think I need to make my list...well...less edible.

* WHW wraps- finish the ugly 70's for Ja. and start pink one for S. Start Elijah one for S.
* PP longies- Start two pairs for S
* Sesame- start for moi!
* Red washcloths- finish for kitchen
* Yellow washcloths- start for bathroom

I got rid of the second skein of 70's!! I posted pictures on the wrap for Ja. on the yarn forum. I did complain about the yarn. I am not thrilled with it. A mama there on the other hand is. She wanted to know where I got it. So I let her now I had another skein that she could have and was she interested i na trade. Turns out she is. I'm getting some lace weight yarn in exchange. She'll be getting the one skein and what ever is elft after I finish the wrap. I couldn't be happier! The yarn I am getting is pretty! I can't wait. So that makes two skeins of yarn and a pair of needle sthat i am expecting. I also have some LTK handpainted yarn in Elijah. A mama on MDC wanted someone to do some knitting for her. I offered and we got everything worked out. She bought the yarn and sent it my way. Turns out she bought too little. She was trying to figure it out but it wasn't working out very well. She pm'd me the other night to let me know I could either keep it or sell it and keep the money. Either way was fine by her! I am having some yarn luck lately. :) I know there is more I should add to my list but I don't want to think. :)

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