Saturday, September 2

It is DONE!

I finished up the 70's wrap about ten minutes ago. The ends are weaved in and it is blocking. I need to get some velcro for it and washed and lanolized. It didn't turn out so bad. Much better than I thought. I have quite a bit left shockingly. I think I could do a size small and a newborn or maybe even two smalls. I'm not sure yet. On Tuesday the cover gets sent out and the yarn gets sent away...far, far away. I knew that my cast off was going to be tight so I used a size 7 instead of the 6 it was knit in. BIG difference! My cast on is straight for one and it's not so tight that it pulls at the corners. I do wish it were a stretchier than it is but that seems to be a reoccuring problem. I know there is a stretchy co and I've used it but I can't remember how or where it's at. I found it online one night by accident. It's late and I'm tired. So I'll leave you with a picture of a blocking wool cover. :)

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Liz said...

Althought the stretchy CO has that annoying "have to have the right length of tail" affect.