Monday, September 11

Holy knittingness!

Oh geez. I need to crank out three more wraps and a pair of longies. And fast. There is a mama on MDC who is having triplets! She needs covers so I offered to knit her some. Some=12! I'm more than happy to do it though. And you know the great thing? ALL the yarn I'm using is getting donated to me. I posted asking for some help in that regards and pm's a few people. One lady happens to be a friend of the soon to be mama of triplets and is sending me 10! skeins of wool. Another mama is sending me enough for 4-6 covers. And another one is sending a skein. I'm going to be able to make her a ton of smalls and a good chunk of newborns as well. Heaven help me.

The new Knitty is up and OH.MY.GOSH. The patterns are fantastic!! There is a skirt....oh that skirt.....and socks...on two needles.....2!!!!

We went to SLC this weekend and I got a new book (surprise, surprise :) ). It's Spinning in the Old Way. I don't know if I like it. It's informative but the author is sooooo full of herself. She mentions every book she's written within the first three pages. She rattles on and on about how she is sooo worldy yet simple and blah blah blah. I started reading it outloud and the wee one reached over, closed the book, and shook her head no. Yeah, it's that great.

I'm getting new yarn! Woo hoo!!! Part of our visit to SLC involved eating dinner with the stepson. That's all fine and dandy but his mother and grandmother tagged along. Woo hoo fun for me huh? I told the man that I would agree to it but I was getting yarn. Smart me eh? ;) I may get a hand spindle istead though. The yarn I would want (or I should say the quality and possibly brand) is going to be about the same anyways so why not!? Yes, I think that's what I'll do.

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