Wednesday, September 6

Fishy fishy fishy!

I finished the fish! It didn't take long at all. The wee one wouldn't nap so it took longer than it should but that's life. :) It's so easy that I'm thinking of making a ton and giving them to various small chitlins for Christmas.

Here is the face detail. Kind of blurry and I'm not sure why. This was my first time doing a face so it's less than pretty. The yarn is some black wool. I'm not sure what brand.

Here's a profile picture. :) The pattern called for 24 fins...12 on each side. Since I used the Elijah I scaled back and only made two. It seemed a bit much to make up 24. Had I used a solid color like the pattern says to it wouldn't have been a bad idea. Too much would be going on though with this one. The fin on the bottom was an accident. That was supposed to go on top but I kind of like it. It makes for an oddly shaped fish but hey! We can't all be perfect. :)

Here's another profile. Just the other side. :) The seaming is a bit off. One body piece was smaller than the other and I'm not sure why. I had to fudge it all a bit but it's not an eye sore. As I got to the fin I realized I had sewn the tail and the fin on the INSIDE of the body so I had to undo my seaming a bit and start again. I decided to keep it turned right side out and continue seaming. So the bottom part is a visible seam and the top...well not so visible. :)

The fish is stuffed with the fleece I got from Freecycle. My mom cleaned some up remember? I was wondering what I was going to use when the munchkin pulled out the bag. It was perfect. So there you have it! My very first all wool hand knitted toy. :)

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