Thursday, September 14

Twisted stitches

Every now and then I get a random but pleasant pm on MDC. Tonight happened to be one of those now and thens.

The title made it sound like a sals pitch. I'm thinking it was for some random knitting tool that I would need. Nope! Turns out it was a rather helpful pm.

I've been knitting with twisted stitches!! Every so often I get the feeling I'm doing it wrong. Being the newbie that I am I usually chalk it up to a lack of self confidence in my knitting ability. Turns out it was intuition talking! I'm not sure how I'm doing it wrong but when I should have all v's on my needle I have y's and v's. The pmer was guessing it was my purl row. I had posted a picture of my mystery project and she noticed the discrepency. Thank god!

I guess I am off to refresh my memory with some videos. I guess I can continue doing it this way or I can correct. If I correct it I can make my yarn go 15% further.

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