Wednesday, September 6

New beginnings

Last night I showed my friend the picture of the wrap I was working on. As you know from my previous post....not feeling the love. She promptly replied with, "Wow, that is ugly." Thank you A. So I picked it up and having the confidence and confirmation I ripped it. All of it. It was fabulous. I really wanted to use this yarn though. I could sell it but it's destined to be something for my little one. So I opened my natural yarns drawer and tossed it in. I grabbed out all my knitting books and started flipping through. On the top was my Toys to Knit book. I have started the block in there but got bored so it has been sitting in the bottom of my knitting bag for some time now. I have left the book in the drawer to minimize Dh's whining when we realizes I have yet to produce something from it. Suddenly it dawned on me! I could use this yarn for the fish pattern. I cranked out one piece of the body last night and you know what? I don't knnow why I didn't do this sooner. It's PERFECT for it....stripping and everything. I think I'll make a few of these and gift them out. I can't believe how perfect it worked out.

This was last night before I went to bed. I needed to block it out cause my increases were less than flawless so it needed to be done. See how perfect? The far left (yellow end) is the tail end I'm guessing. I'm hoping I can get the same stripes going for the other side. I don't think it would look horrible if I didn't get it but it would pull it all together if I could. I can't wait to finish this up! I think I'm going to use to some blue merino for the fins and scales...not sure yet though. I may do a combination. The pattern calls for 24 scales in three different colors but that seems like too many to me.

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