Tuesday, September 5

Pictures galore!

Blogger permitting. :)

I got a new book the other when we drove down to get DH some new tarot cards. It's Special Knits by Debbie Bliss. I am so excited about this book! I sat on the floor of the bookstore trying to find THE book and came across this. It is FABULOUS!!! I'm trying to hurry through my list so I can make a lot of the things in here. I plan on doing most of them but first on my list will be................

It's a hooded Kaftan. Absolutely adorable and in a type of yarn that I happen to have. Woo hoo!

Next up is a more finished picture of the WHW wrap. I got the velcro on and am still debating whether or not I want to wash and lanolize. Either way it gets mailed out tomorrow.

This is the front of the wrap. Not the best sewing job on the velcro but I already explained it to the mama and she doesn't care. :)

And this is the back of the wrap. The wee one is feeling under the weather today so she is napping. Had she been awake at the time of pictures you'd have a live model. :)

And last but not least....another WHW wrap in LTK yarn in the Elijah colorway. This is for the napping one and is in a size medium. This is the first thing I've made her this big and it doesn't seem like the right size! I did decide to start at the back this time. I got to thinking it took so long to get these done because I got bored. Starting at the back it seems to have more changes. I know this isn't true but hey it works! :) Ok...looks like Blogger is done with my pictures. :) That's fine, it'll give me time to work some more on it. It's not very big right now.

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