Sunday, November 25


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Saturday, November 24

Catching my breath

Whew! The last month has been a bit hectic for me and my spinning wheel.

Last month, I noticed a sign at the grocery store for a Christmas Festival the weekend before Thanksgiving. I decided to give the person a call and see what it was about. What better way to get mine and the store name out there. I got myself a booth and said I'd bring some handspun yarn. I had exactly one month to get totally prepared.

I spun some aran weight 3 ply. I broke the skeins down into minis and bundled them in sets of 3 (later named Petit 3).

Merino top bought at the same time as the fiber for the Ill-Received Blanket. Going from the top clockwise:
Lavender and Multi-Purple combo: 2 plies multi, 1 ply lavender
Lavender and Multi-Purple combo: 2 plies lavender, 1 ply multi
Multi-Purple (though I think Alpaca Direct now calls it Amethyst)

I was able to break down the skeins into 13 bundles. A bit more than that but I kept a bit aside for swatches. I wanted to see what the difference would be in the combos and they came in handy for the people browsing.

Since that didn't use all the fiber from those two colors I also had:

A sport weight single in the multi purple:

2 lace weight lavenders:

And a worsted multi:

That was just the beginning. I still had a yellow and daffodil ball to get through.

Worsted Daffodil:

And sport weight yellow:

And another beaded yarn (this one dyed with coffee):

There were times it didn't feel like enough. I wanted more. I wanted more variety. I also wanted sleep and a bit of sanity. :) I took some knits and a couple crochet hats (more on all those in the next post since I made quite a few things) and in the end made a name for myself. Did I do as well as I had hoped? No, not really. It was my first festival/booth and I had a lot to learn. Did I do better than I expected? Absolutely. I made some sales, some friends, and had a blast.

I'm not sure I'll do another one before Christmas. I found this one on a fluke. I'm not 100% sure I won't either. I still have a good amount of things left (yarn is up on Etsy right now). It's something I'm pondering right now. For now, I'm just sitting here and working at a pace that doesn't feel break neck. I'm not spinning! I have a couple knitting projects going (mainly a Color Affection) and am hoping to finish one of them in time for Christmas.

Sunday, October 21

Halloween 2012

Mermaids and turkeys

This may be the last year I can get away with a costume like this. Which is a shame really because man is it fun!

This year we have a lamb.

The love that I have of this is so beyond what I thought it would be. Everything about it makes my heart happy.

There are some mods, of course. I only held the yarn single (the pattern holds it double) and I did it on smaller needles (like 4 sizes smaller). The hat is done flat and seamed up the sides. Since it was late at night when I did this (and the intended was asleep) and my gauge was much different I sort of guessed on the total length. It fit but was a tad short for my liking so I whipped up a band extension and seamed it on. It's perfect. It covers all the way down her neck and ears and only needs folded a bit in the front. Win win. I did change the brim to garter vs ribbing.

I added a tail as well. I held the MC double and crocheted a few chains and then pulled some of the CC through. I unraveled all the strands to give it that wooley and wild look.

I added some straps to the top as well.  The pattern is just a basic vest. My mods made for a snugger fit though so seaming it the way the pattern calls for wouldn't have left much room for her head. The straps are 6 stitches wide and just garter stitch. The fit is fantastic and she loves it. The body, with my mods, would make for a truly lovely party dress in a smaller (and lighter weight) yarn.

Pattern: Child's Lamb Costume (linked up above)
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in Little Rock Granite and Cream
Needles: US 15
Mods: 6 stitch garter stitch straps, extra length in body, garter stitch brim on hat w/ brim extender, tail, yarn held single, smaller needles

Thursday, October 18

Recent yarns

3 ply dk weight 9wpi

Beaded with "copper metallic mix". 9wpi and 140yds.

Sunday, October 14

FO: Cropped lacey sweater

As I browsed Ravelry one day, passing the time, my oldest snuck up behind me and asked if I would make her something. We browsed kid related patterns and she picked a handful of sweaters. Her only requirement was they had to be Pink! That's an easy enough thing to pull off so I kept my eye out for the perfect yarn.

Pattern: Wonder Wave by Drops
Yarn: Red Heart Shimmer in Hot Pink
Size: 3/4

The yarn was perfect. The metallic thread makes it "fancy" and the pink is definitely Pink! I originally only bought one skein and almost got away with just that. I ran out with 5 rows left so the yardage is nice.

It IS a Drops pattern though so things were wrong. The first is the sizing. The intended kid an average 7 yr old girl. I made the 3/4t size though. They claim the smallest size has a 22" chest. Since I happen to have a 3 yr old in the home I measured her as well. The sizing is LARGE. I made no modifications and this fits my 7yr old beautifully. The pictures are unblocked even so there is plenty of growing room should you pick a yarn that needs it. The second issue is in the arm directions. As written, at least for the size I made, the arm patterns do not match up to the body pattern. I bound off for the arms in a different spot (just eyeballed it) after noticing that. It's not a difficult change but it is noticeable after a couple rows if you don't make the change.

Monday, October 1

FO of the feet

I recently had an anniversary. I overheard the Mr. talking one day and he mentioned slippers. Naturally, I hopped on Ravelry and found these. They are perfect. Enough so, that they could convince me to wear slippers. As an anti-slipper person that says a lot! They go fast, a couple hours max for the PAIR. Perfect gift item.

Pattern: Non-felted slippers
Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA in cream. I used less than one skein per slipper.
Needles: 10 (sized up to accomodate a larger foot)
Mods: Once knit, I picked up cuff stitches (on 8's) and knit a few rounds of garter. As written the cuff comes low on the foot. Since they aren't a blog style that was just proving to be awkward feeling.

Stay tuned for some exciting news!

Wednesday, September 5

Knitting for cold weather- FO

Here in my part of the US temps are dropping and mornings are quite cold. Trees are changing, fans are being turned off, windows only sometimes opened at night. The days are warm but fall is coming so naturally my thoughts turned towards hats and scarves and gloves etc.
I don't make myself things. Occasionally something will pop up that I love but it usually gets gifted. This time around though I was determined to make myself something. Something I would use when it got cold. Something that would use up a single skein of Manos Silk that was bought with me in mind.
Enter Karisma. It was the perfect pattern: not a ton of yarn needed, more than one color needed (so my single skein could still be used), pretty, warm. I could go on.
Cascade 220 (purple) and Manos Silk in Steel (blue)

They knit up fast. Really, really fast. And they use next to no yarn. That picture right there? That's AFTER I was done. I have enough left over to make a hat should I so desire. And I do.

It's not quite cold enough to wear them yet. As evidenced by the grass you can see here.

I love to see the inside of projects like this. The inside out one isn't blocked yet. I weaved in ends and ran out the door for pictures. The manos is a dream to knit with. I've been a fan of it since the first project I used some but this was a whole new level of lovely. It's soft, it withstands frogging (this skein has already been used once before in cabled mitts but frogged shortly after finishing), it doesn't shed, it's soft. I think I said that already. The color is clean and consistent. I'd buy more if there was any near me. My only mods to the pattern was the cuff. As written the cuff is almost 5 inches long. I opted for 2 inches. Part of that was because I wanted to make sure I had enough of the manos to make it all the way through and part of it was because who needs a 5 inch cuff!? I may go back and add another inch to them (vs a hat) but that can wait until winter is here and I know how much arm pokes out from my coat. I did end up tacking down the floats around the thumb just to avoid snagging it on my fingers. It's a bit tight at the top and bottom of the thumb now but that will ease up with wear.

To say I'm pleased with them would be an understatment. I wasn't sure of the contrasting fingers when I saw the pattern but am so glad I stuck with them. This one marked a few firsts for me: silk, gloves, and made for myself. I definitely want a few more weeks of warmth but I wouldn't mind a cold snap cold enough to require some hand coverings.

Sunday, September 2

A couple FO's

Things have been a little busy here lately. Some big changes, beyond the store, have been happening. Knitting has been going on but in small amounts. Despite that, I've recently finished 3 things and have a 4th in progree.

First up: 198 yds of Heaven. I used some Ruble Red Prairie Silks (the same one that Abalone's been frogged). It was fast and easy and lovely. Mine came out a bit smaller than the pattern states but we all know why that is. Gauge.

Next up: a random cowl. Done in some leftover Lion Brand Amazing (LOVE this yarn). There is no pattern. I cast on a TON of stitches in the dark one night, joined while trying not to twist stitches (but did) and knit til I ran out of yarn. Nice and simple and huge. The slight twist in it is nice. It rolls despite a garter edge (not a thick one mind you) but I like that. It adds to it. Blocked it came out to longer than 40 inches. It reaches a bit past my knees. You can't tell in these pics but then again, it's not blocked in them. :)

The final one: a headwrap. This is intended for someone who covers their hair. The lace pattern, candle light, reminded me of the person so I cast on before even running the idea by her. :) It's also in Prairie Silks but I don't recall the color. I used an entire skein (88yds), frogged back a bit to shorten it, edged it in another PS color, and added ties. I love it. It's about 6 inches wide and length is adjustable due to ties. The edge and ties are crochet with the edge having a picot on each point of the pattern.

Monday, July 30

And so it begins......

Silence. That's all you've gotten for a bit and I'm sorry about that. Things have been busy. Things have been moving forward in a way that I didn't think would happen.

Coming soon......

Sunday, May 20

Sometimes I doubt my sanity

I have a rug that sits in my kitchen that I love. It's various shades of blue and grey with flecks of black. Sadly, it's a cheap rug and between washing it and the dog, it's starting to come apart. As it sat soaking the other night I thought about what pattern and color theme I would do if I were to ever knit one.

Insert insane idea the first. I've considered various rugs for various reasons over the years but the truth is it seems like an overwhelming and daunting project. I let the idea float on by and went about my day. I started another project that had nothing to do with knitting but included jute.

Insert insane idea the second. Jute is sturdy. It comes in a nice neutral color (brown) and is available all over the place. It's cheap. It can come in various size cones/rounds and is cheap. Have I mentioned it's cheap? Since I had leftovers from my other craft I started to wonder what I could do with it.

This is when I combined insane ideas one and two to bring about a third.

I started a jute rug this afternoon. It will be large. And when I say large, I actually mean extra large. I want it to be, roughly, the same size as the other one. I'm using the Ten Stitch Zig Zag pattern and size 10 needles. Even with that size it's hard on my hands and will be slow going. It'll be awesome though. I think. I hope.

Wednesday, May 9

It's been spun: Daffodil

Remember the blanket ill received? Around the time I bought it, I also bought some merino top in a colorway called Daffodil. I bought a lot. I also got some solid yellow to go along with it. I have a LOT of this stuff. I was rearranging a box the other day and came across the first bobbin I had started in the daffodil and decided to finish it up. I have one skein done and the first single of a second waiting. To say I love it would be an understatement.

Fiber: Merino Top
Color: Daffodil
Yardage: 105
Weight: 100 grams
WPI: 9-11 (light worsted-worsted) The variations are seen at the beginning and end of the skein and in some spots where new pieces were proving difficult to connect.

The color in this first picture is pretty true to life.

I'm pretty pleased with it. I have/had a total of 2lbs worth in each color so it'll be a bit of spinning before I'm done but having this first skein done is the boost of motivation I need.

Saturday, April 28

Coming soon.....

A new pattern! Taking suggestions on names.

Friday, April 20

The real FO

I know that teaser was a horrible placeholder but trust me. It was worth it. This shawl Mount Everest. I had many starts (5) and my many moments of frustration were within that first part. I'm not an expert knitter. I don't claim to be. I can do lace but I don't. I do not hold my abilities for pattern reading on a pedestal waiting for the moment to brag about them. As far as knitting and patterns go I am rather ordinary I would say.

That said....I hated this pattern. At first. I should have taken a hint when reading the main page of it on Ravelry. The author has obviously had many complaints about the way it was written because right there, for all to see, is a mini rant of her own. What does she say? Basically, if you don't like it don't knit it. She comes off as very defensive. Based on her comments and the issues I had I know what was said to her and I see her reply as arrogant and rude. The hints/tips/suggestions were meant to help with the overall written pattern. The author wasn't down with that I guess. I was so flabbergasted at the main page (I hadn't even clicked the pattern yet) that I called someone and read it to them to see if maybe I was just being picky. They had the same reaction. I ignored that small red flag and decided to knit it anyway. After the 3rd or 4th restart I went back to the gallery. I had been through it a couple times before hoping to see what I was doing wrong. Obviously, the pattern worked because there are lots of them.

Maybe I am way more green when it comes to charts and how to knit them than I thought. I've done lace before though so I didn't think that was really the case. It was on this last wandering through other projects that I came across a chart. A chart so brilliantly laid out and with notes so perfect in wording that I was more than happy to restart it. There were stitch counts and clear directions. Repeated parts were in another color. It was clear. It was concise. It was what should have been in the original pattern. So much so that I have been tempted to write the author and suggest that they consider it. I doubt they will though. On the new chart it plainly says it is intended to supplement the pattern, not replace it. Once I printed it out though I did replace the pattern with it. I wouldn't use the original again if I were to make a second. I was so pleased with this chart that if others were to ask for the pattern I'd probably link to it only. I know that isn't fair to the author though.

 I know it was a free pattern and that some think you (general you) shouldn't complain in that situation but the frustration and irritation over something as simple as wording and clear directions is...well frustrating and irritating. This isn't a difficult pattern. I wouldn't rate it as master level. I might do it as a light intermediate but it isn't difficult. The original pattern was just awkward and made it less than enjoyable to knit. Which is a shame because it's a beautiful shawl. I think it's going to be absolutely beautiful for the intended wedding.

Enough of my kvetching. I know you are only here for pictures. :) The yarn is Madeline Tosh sock in Smokey Orchid.

FO of an epic degree

It's blocking so for now you can have a teaser of horrible picture quality. :)

Wednesday, March 7

Knits in action

The little lace hats made it safely to the intended destination. As did the baby for the photoshoot they were meant for! Here's a shot of the sweet little girl in each one(I have permission from the photographer). It turned out perfect if I do say so myself. It's always nice to see my knits in action.

Wednesday, February 22

FO: Yoked Cardigan

Another one that is. :) I actually finished this up a few days ago, before the hats.

This one is a bit bigger than the first (as it's intended for a bigger baby) but not by much. I used the needle size the pattern calls for and made the 2nd size but the yarn is a thinner worsted so it's not quite gauge (not off by much...I think it was only one stitch).

I love the colors of this one about half the time. It was Lion Brand Amazing in Strawberry Fields. I expected more reds and greens than I got. I'm somewhat surprised by the amount of yellow/gold. If I really think about what strawberry plants look like I can see why they named the colorway that but it still doesn't scream that to me. Oh well. I'm not in charge of Lion Brand color names. :)

I was quite pleased with the way the colors played out. The total sweater took little more than one skein. The arms match up really well even though they were done from different spots of two different skeins (one was the remaining amount of the first and the second was a bit of that plus a bit of middle from the second skein). I wasn't intending to have them match but it played out taht way. Once again, I used some Hobby Lobby buttons. I was leaning towards natural colored ones but the majority of people I asked said to use the blue green you see there. I think they were perfect in the end.

Monday, February 20

And another....

To say that I am in love with this pattern is an understatement. A massive one. I whipped out another one last night and have plans for one more.

The yarn is a different blend I picked up around this time last year. There is less mohair in it than the Kidsilk and I think that allows for the pattern to pop a bit more. There is acrylic in it and while not a lot it's obvious when you block it. Sharp creases and an almost flat appearance to the color.

It worked out really well for it though. Next to the pink one and it seems so bright!

I love how, even though they are both the same the stitch definition is so different. On the Kidsilk one it's more a hazy hint. The white one is sturdy. I love them both equally. The one I have in the works is done with some handspun I did a couple years back. I can't wait to be done with it, just to see if my idea is/was as good as I imagined.

Sunday, February 19

FO: Lace Pixie Hat

The other night I was browsing a forum I frequent when I noticed a post asking for a knitter. I clicked in to see what was needed and volunteered for the job. So happy I did.

I was being asked to make an Angel Lace Pix Hat. I got the pattern one night, went and picked up the yarn the following day, and whipped out the knitting portion in a matter of hours. I stopped by the store today and got instructiono n how to do the crochet portion (I can do a drawstring but nothing more than that...until today that is!), went home and finished it up.

The pattern, the yarn (Rowan KidSilk Have in color Grace), and tiny size (newborn only). It's all lovely and an enjoyable knit. I used my Addi Clicks (oh! Have I mentioned I have ADDI CLICKS!? No? They are are great.) and I have to say this is one time I wished I had opted for the lace tips. They worked fine and once I got past the first couple rows I didn't notice it as much but man, blunt tips make lace work in lace weight mohair a bit tricky!

Enough talking. You want pictures right?

(Yarn head is Manos Silk)