Saturday, November 24

Catching my breath

Whew! The last month has been a bit hectic for me and my spinning wheel.

Last month, I noticed a sign at the grocery store for a Christmas Festival the weekend before Thanksgiving. I decided to give the person a call and see what it was about. What better way to get mine and the store name out there. I got myself a booth and said I'd bring some handspun yarn. I had exactly one month to get totally prepared.

I spun some aran weight 3 ply. I broke the skeins down into minis and bundled them in sets of 3 (later named Petit 3).

Merino top bought at the same time as the fiber for the Ill-Received Blanket. Going from the top clockwise:
Lavender and Multi-Purple combo: 2 plies multi, 1 ply lavender
Lavender and Multi-Purple combo: 2 plies lavender, 1 ply multi
Multi-Purple (though I think Alpaca Direct now calls it Amethyst)

I was able to break down the skeins into 13 bundles. A bit more than that but I kept a bit aside for swatches. I wanted to see what the difference would be in the combos and they came in handy for the people browsing.

Since that didn't use all the fiber from those two colors I also had:

A sport weight single in the multi purple:

2 lace weight lavenders:

And a worsted multi:

That was just the beginning. I still had a yellow and daffodil ball to get through.

Worsted Daffodil:

And sport weight yellow:

And another beaded yarn (this one dyed with coffee):

There were times it didn't feel like enough. I wanted more. I wanted more variety. I also wanted sleep and a bit of sanity. :) I took some knits and a couple crochet hats (more on all those in the next post since I made quite a few things) and in the end made a name for myself. Did I do as well as I had hoped? No, not really. It was my first festival/booth and I had a lot to learn. Did I do better than I expected? Absolutely. I made some sales, some friends, and had a blast.

I'm not sure I'll do another one before Christmas. I found this one on a fluke. I'm not 100% sure I won't either. I still have a good amount of things left (yarn is up on Etsy right now). It's something I'm pondering right now. For now, I'm just sitting here and working at a pace that doesn't feel break neck. I'm not spinning! I have a couple knitting projects going (mainly a Color Affection) and am hoping to finish one of them in time for Christmas.

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