Friday, February 27

WIP it.....

Into Shape/ Shape it up/ Get straight/ Go forward/ Move ahead/ Try to detect it/ It's not too late/ To WIP it/ WIP it good....yikes. You havin' flashbacks? I am. On bad songs and bad word play. :)

Two socks, toe up, Magic Loop style. Don't know what type of yarn it is (blogged here). 56 stitches and perfectly fitting (so far!).

Another Top Down Timothy Hat, this time for me. Out of my own lovely handspun (named Fire Gorge). Almost done! Started it last night. I noticed while looking at the husband's hat on my Ravelry page I used size 6 needles. I don't know why. The pattern calls for size 8's with yarn held doubled. I didn't do that either. I like his so much I'm continuing with the unintentional (though now intentional) alterations. This is a thicker yarn than his so hopefully it'll be as nice fitting. It's lookin awfully small.

A hybrid. Curly Purly waistband+Shoaker pattern+Picky Pants pattern (for leg portion). This is on pause as I have yet again had issues with it. Yet again? That lovely waistband has been redone three times. THREE (3). The first time I misread or miscounted (not sure which) and had 70 stitches. I needed 72. I realized this after 2 inches of 1x1 ribbing and a couple short rows and a needle change. Second time I had a hole. Not a small hole. One large enough to fit my thumb in BUT I had 72 stitches. Third time....well if I frog it it will be due to my not reading ahead and appropriately planning my project (read: short rows not lining up with the rest of the pattern details). I'm waiting to hear back on this though so we shall see.

Monday, February 23

It's been spun: Red Merino


Merino 2-ply

12 WPI/sport weight

2nd skein- unsure of yardage as I haven't checked it yet. :)

Friday, February 20

Used: Dragon Lady Designs

I love these little sttch markers. I was sitting here knitting with a friend one night and lost yet another stitch marker. One of my favorite ones has gone missing and it's mate was washed and fell apart. I can put it back together but haven't yet. Frustrated I thought to myself, "I should check the PhatFiber box!" Sure enough I had a few. I picked these for the bright colors. I love them! The cherries broke (the green circle part of the stem) but I was able to fix it. Note to others: don't accidentally step on these!
My favorite is the pepper. It makes me happy. I thought the yellow one was a lemon but I'm not sure. Neither is my friend. Despite being rather substantial these are quite light weight. I normally dread having to use stitch markers. They seem fumbly and get in the way etc. but these oddly enough, don't. I actually look forward to needing to use them. My friend really liked the cherries. I think I may get her some as a gift. She's a newbie knitter and just finished her first item! She deserves some loveliness. :)

Thursday, February 19

It's been knit: Striped longies

Project Specs:
Size small
Backside increases and short rows
9 inch inseam
Purl round before bind off
I-cord bind off
Garter stitch crotch
This is another pair for a friend. This is pair 2 of 4. The third is in the works. The yarn is Wool of the Andes in Pampas Heather (the green) and Cobbleston Heather (the grey). I wasn't sure I was going to like how they turned out but they're growing on me. After the first leg I was ready to frog them and try to get something....with more....oomph.
Lucky for me they aren't for me. :) I like them but the intended mama loves them. They are bigger than the first pair (the blue ones) but that's ok. She's happy about that. The rest of the pairs are going to be the same sizing.

Just gotta finish up the rest of the pairs and get them mailed off!

Monday, February 16

Melissa's Kre8tions

**This first pic is borrowed from the PhatFiber blog...I started spinning this up before I started taking pictures. I loved her simple packaging and wish I had gotten some pics of it before hand.**
Pretty huh? I spun this little bit up on my drop spindle. I was having issues with my wheel so I pulled it out and got to work one evening while waiting for a friend to show up. There's not much to say about this fiber except that it ROCKS! The colors are lovely and the fiber is soft. There was no dye transfer or shedding. It drafted easily and I got a nice little mini skein from it.

I made it into a small two ply. Not sure what I'll make it into. A ball? Another heart? Nothing? Leave it on my mantel since it seems to gather plenty of ohh's and ahh's all by itself? I love that she got some grey in the colorway. Grey that stayed. Hard to see in my pictures but once spun I thought it was going to dissapear. Not so! Once I plied it, it popped back out and provided a nice complimentary contrast (oxymoron?) to the blue.

**I know I said there was a bunny coming up....I got distracted by the fiber though. And some other knitting. Soon, I promise.**

Sunday, February 15

My give away package

My give away package has made it to the winner! She chose the Modern Spots Spindle Bag. The little blue one in front is a sample of fiber. Hope she likes it!
I just got a message from her over on Ravelry. She blogged about her prize so I thought I'd share here. Who doesn't love a little bit of a self promo? :) Really though, who doesn't love a new knitting blog to add to the list? DawningDreams .....definitely check her out....if you scroll down you can see she has an Etsy shop! The shop...I'm not normally a costume type gal but I am lovin' the gold mask!

Wednesday, February 11

I dream of a Harlot

**I have knitting (though not a bunny) and I have spinning (samples) and I have reviews (of accessories)...however this is their only mention today.**

I stayed up late last night. The husband was on a trip and would be back in the wee hours of the morning so it gave me an excuse to. When I did finally fall asleep I dreamt a dream so lovely that my sister could see the cool factor. And she's not a knitter. Nor does she care about knitterly things.

I dreamt of the Yarn Harlot. This is my first dream of her. I don't own any books sadly, I've never seen her tour, but I do read her blog. So on to the dream!

It starts with me sitting here with my family in the morning. The phone rings and someone on the other end asks if I'd like to have the chance to have a photo shoot with her? Like they need to ask! I throw on some shoes, tell the husband to watch the kids (even he understands the awesomeness of this int he dream) and to the store I fly. Once there we get to talking and she's showing me her displays, one of which is a very limited idea of her stash. Naturally my eyes are popping out of my noggin. She asks, "Would you like a skein?" I say sure (really, who would turn that down!) and walk towards the table. Now when I say it was limited it was only a couple rows (of mostly sock yarn) and only one layer. By the time I start picking skeins up it's suddenly her whole stash on this table. She encourages me to climb on the table and "really get in there! You'll be amazed at what you find!". I was on the hunt for something autumnish. Soon she is on the table with me trying to help me track it down. I am near having a heart attack at the idea of diving through HER stash with HER when it dawns on me. No one is going to believe this. Not without proof. I have an A-Ha! moment and she asks me if I found my skein. I turn and politely say, "No. Would you mind taking a picture of me in your stash though? This would be an awesome picture!" she obliges and hops down to ger her totally awesome and highly technical (in a completely dream state fashion) camera. It's proving to be a pain though. Her settings are off and it's not wanting to take pictures. So we browse through pictures. She's explaining them to me and as she does i notice text appearing below them. Then it dawns on me! All she does is talk about them and then upload them. She never really has to blog because her camera does it for her! I'm in awe. I'm sitting there in disbelief when she tries to take another picture. I look down in an attempt to compose myself and that's when I notice. I'm wearing two different socks. I point it out to her and she says it's no biggie. I say yes it is and to look. I am wearing one red hand knit sock and one red and white striped sock. Two totally different looks. In fact the striped one is in real life not a sock but the pattern of a shirt. She sort of groans at the very obvious mis-match and we decide to abandon the picture (of me in her stash and of us together...I was very sad about this). That's when she tells me we are running late and out the door we go. We are part of a production! Production? She takes me to this old school telling me this is where her kids go and hands me my costume. Turns out we are doing a traditional Scottish dance in traditional Scottish clothing. We all get dressed (theres lots of people at this point) and get in line to march down this old hallway. We start marching but I am still so star struck I march backwards so I can continue talking to her. I finally turn around as we near our destination and she grabs the tails of my costume and gives them a good shake (like you would a rug) and I think to myself, "I feel like a giant leprachaun".

It's at that point that one my chitlins woke me up so I have no idea if we all danced well or not. :)

So thank you Yarn Harlot. I had a blast. :)


Monday, February 2

Up next: Kangaroo Dyer and a pattern

If you read the PhatFiber blog you've seen the post for Kangaroo Dyers. It is sooo pretty! The one in the corner is a superwash wool (75%) and nylon (25%). The colorway is Flower Garden and that "sample" is 100 yds.! The others are (from left to right) green 70%/30% Kid mohair and silk, blue 100% silk, and brown 80%/20% alpaca/silk. I had a hard time coming up with my packaging. I had lots of ideas but none really panned out. I love hers. Simple but straightforward. I plan on using the smaller 3 for more hearts and the main one for the pattern below.
A Joey's House "Bartlett Bunny". Perfect for the samples in the box (the pattern even states that!). It uses a tiny amount of yarn. When I opened it up the oldest wee one tossed it aside (she was ripping through it like mad!) and then once she relaxed she saw what it was. Intrigued she asked a million questions and then stated very clearly: "You can make this for me. I want it in pink.". Good thing I had already paired it up with the yarn from above which has passed her pink inspection...just enough to be counted but not enough to burn the corneas out of my eyes.

I'm actually looking forward to this one. I have been avoiding doing anything due to dissapointment in my longies. I have been eyeing these for days though. I even pulled them out and set them in plain site so I'd get going. The pattern seems like a perfect extra for baby gifts. There are loads of baby bearin' ladies in my family so I'm sure I'll make many of these over the next little while.

Sunday, February 1

A giveaway!


Check it out. PhatFiber has been doing mini profiles of everyone involved. That link there is me. I'm doing a giveaway so go check it out and leave a comment.

Oh and........

I made my first sale! I'm totally thrilled! It's been the kick in the pants I needed to get the rest of the fiber into some bats. I have one more to do and then am done with this batch. I need to get some new (and better!) pics tomorrow. I'm having an issue with the Chocolate Brown and Summer Berries bats since they both have a good amount of reds in them.