Monday, February 16

Melissa's Kre8tions

**This first pic is borrowed from the PhatFiber blog...I started spinning this up before I started taking pictures. I loved her simple packaging and wish I had gotten some pics of it before hand.**
Pretty huh? I spun this little bit up on my drop spindle. I was having issues with my wheel so I pulled it out and got to work one evening while waiting for a friend to show up. There's not much to say about this fiber except that it ROCKS! The colors are lovely and the fiber is soft. There was no dye transfer or shedding. It drafted easily and I got a nice little mini skein from it.

I made it into a small two ply. Not sure what I'll make it into. A ball? Another heart? Nothing? Leave it on my mantel since it seems to gather plenty of ohh's and ahh's all by itself? I love that she got some grey in the colorway. Grey that stayed. Hard to see in my pictures but once spun I thought it was going to dissapear. Not so! Once I plied it, it popped back out and provided a nice complimentary contrast (oxymoron?) to the blue.

**I know I said there was a bunny coming up....I got distracted by the fiber though. And some other knitting. Soon, I promise.**


picperfic said...

It's gorgeous so keep it on your mantlepiece for now...I intend to take a photo of all my special bits of spinning and knitting on my mantlepiece. Love the colour!

Kim said...

I like this stuff. You can make me a heart since you love me so very much. :D