Monday, February 2

Up next: Kangaroo Dyer and a pattern

If you read the PhatFiber blog you've seen the post for Kangaroo Dyers. It is sooo pretty! The one in the corner is a superwash wool (75%) and nylon (25%). The colorway is Flower Garden and that "sample" is 100 yds.! The others are (from left to right) green 70%/30% Kid mohair and silk, blue 100% silk, and brown 80%/20% alpaca/silk. I had a hard time coming up with my packaging. I had lots of ideas but none really panned out. I love hers. Simple but straightforward. I plan on using the smaller 3 for more hearts and the main one for the pattern below.
A Joey's House "Bartlett Bunny". Perfect for the samples in the box (the pattern even states that!). It uses a tiny amount of yarn. When I opened it up the oldest wee one tossed it aside (she was ripping through it like mad!) and then once she relaxed she saw what it was. Intrigued she asked a million questions and then stated very clearly: "You can make this for me. I want it in pink.". Good thing I had already paired it up with the yarn from above which has passed her pink inspection...just enough to be counted but not enough to burn the corneas out of my eyes.

I'm actually looking forward to this one. I have been avoiding doing anything due to dissapointment in my longies. I have been eyeing these for days though. I even pulled them out and set them in plain site so I'd get going. The pattern seems like a perfect extra for baby gifts. There are loads of baby bearin' ladies in my family so I'm sure I'll make many of these over the next little while.

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PhatLady said...

You might get 2 or more of those little buns out of the KD sample! What a fun knit!