Thursday, November 29

Taking a break

I know I haven't been the most reliable blogger as of late but I need to take a break for a bit. There's been a recent tragedy in my family and I am just going to hang low. I may blog every now and then but now I'm taking the pressure off mysef to show up and do it. I'm hoping it won't be long. Just enough time to mull things over.

Saturday, November 24

Another almost wordless, poor picture quality post

Size newborn
Elastic waistband
Short rows
I cord bind off

Friday, November 23

Pleased as punch

Baby Viking Hat- for neice C. 1 of 4
Being modeled by munchkin S.
Earwarmer Cap in size toddler for munchkin S.
FINALLY! THE washrag pattern. Has been tweaked to suit me. :)
Boa scarf for S's dress up box. God awful yarn.

No substantial psot today. Just pictures and maybe a quickie tagline. :)

Sunday, November 4

In case you thought I died..

here is a photoless, rather bland post. :)

Since the last time I was here I finished an Earwarmer hat for big S. Yeah that's it. Nothing else. It was a weekend trip project and it's a few rows short. It fits fine but I have large headed kiddos so I'm thinking I'll frog back past the beginning of the decreases and add in a few more. Oddly enough I had the same nipple effect going on with this one as I did with the husband's earwarmer. Curious.

I did start a rather large project. The largest to date actually. The Bonsai Tunic. And you know what? I have the back finished! It took about a week and the only issueI ahd with it is my yarn overs. And really I only had an issue with those on a particular pair of rows. They aren't that open either. I've never hadd open yarn overs. Someone mentioned over on Mothering that pulling the yarn over from one direction results in a twisted one essentially and pulls it tighter and to try the other direction. It would make sense I was doing them wrong/twisted. I knit that way for close to a year! I haven't started the front yet but am going to tonight. I want it to be done for Thanksgiving so I need to get cracking! I'll try doing the yarn overs the other way to see if it helps. I went to block the back piece the other night when I finsihed it and after I tossed it in my washer I went searching for my pins. They are gone. I had to shake it out and lay it flat. I'm going to re-block it though once I get some pins to see if I can't get my lace to open up a bit. Hopefully the front works out better in that regard.

I have the toe of one sock waiting for me. That's all there is of the sock. The tot yanked the needles one day while I went to the bathroom and I have yet to put them back in. I really should since the weather is getting chilly. I had a fleeting thought the other morning to frog the finished one (it's my previously used and then frogged and reknit Art Yarns) and make some mittens to keep tiny hands warm. Still considering it.

I also need to get cracking on some holiday knitting and some longies. The newborn sizes still fit but 1. I only have two pairs of actual longies and 2. they are starting to get short. They aren't noticeably short right now but to me too short is when they no longer cup your heel. :) Anal? Yes.