Thursday, October 27

It's been knit: Halloween 2011 v.2

The youngest is a fiesty thing. She has spunk. The amount of delightful mischief twirling around insider her is enough to make anyone giggle. As such, we call her something. We call her it a lot actually. It fits, across the board, for any mood she might be in.


She's a turkey, plain and simple. A sweet turkey but a turkey none the less.

This year, I'm in charge of trick or treating by myself. The Spouse will be gone to a convention and the idea of trick or treating with 3 small people by myself seems a but overwhelming. As I sat here pondering my plan of attack one evening I decided I'd wrap the youngest on my back. She'll be out of the way of other trick or treaters and I will have 2 hands free.

The left her costume though. If she were going to be walking she'd have been a bee. A bee just won't fit on my back though so she was stuck with a hat again.

A turkey hat.

Because she's a turkey.


What? Not what you were expecting when I said turkey? :)


I have to say this is one of the worst patterns I've used in a long time. My hat base is slightly different than the pattern calls for in that I did a seed stitch brim (wouldn't it be awesome done in some bobbles and red cranberry sauce) and I made it a tad longer. The pattern is written for a 12m size and the youngest is 2 so I added half an inch or so before starting the decreases. The pattern, as written, does not do a flat top. It has shaping and a finish that looks like a turkey would (the bone piece of the cavity basically). I wanted a flat top so skipped that part.


The drumsticks are easy but a pain. The pattern numbers are wrong. As are line numbers. It was easy enough to figure it out since the only changes are on 2ish rounds. As written, you pick up stitches so that there is no stitching them on. I did one that way and the other was done off. I think I prefer them done off and stitched on to be honest. They seem to lay better and I can manipulate positioning easier.


It doesn't have any ties right now but I'll likely add some before Halloween. A simple icord most likely. While the hat itself doesn't need it (it comes down plenty far to cover ears) and the kid knows to keep hats on I'd rather secure it's presence just in case.

Halloween knitting is done! I haven't looked around the Blogworld to see what others are making but I'm thinking I might. It's such a fun time of year for this!

Monday, October 24

It's been knit: Halloween Edition 2011

Last year we had Vikings and an Alien. They were awesome and well received.

This year, I had a more vocal crowd. The middle child wanted to be a MERMAID!!! and she knew I was up to it. MERMAID!!! she is.

I'd like to claim the blurriness in these pics is due to her being a really fast MERMAID!!! but the fact of the matter is she doesn't hold still and we don't have a replacement camera yet. :)


That yarn. Oh boy. That yarn is really very ugly. It works fantastically for anything with scales though. The bottom fin, surprisingly enough, blocks out well with a quick blast from my iron. I considered buying some wire to weave into it and give it a bit of strength but this will work just fine.


I love the stitch pattern. I've seen it elsewhere (mostly in shawls or sweaters) but not in such numbers. Really pulls off the scale look and helps keep things tight. The only change in fit that I made was length. I could have (and probably should have given the stretch of the body) gone with less stitches. The waistband, as written, is large. The pattern says for 5-6 years old and this is baggy on my 6yr old and even more so on the intended 4yr old. I did a quickie belt for it though which actually helps in the end. It allows the ribbing to sort of flare and be "more fancy like the WHOLE THING!!!".



I think I only cut out a total of maybe 6 pattern repeats. It's just long enough to flip up when she walks but not long to trip on. The front is shorter than I would like but only because I had a set idea in mind.

She loves it and that's good enough for me. :) Stay tuned for this years hat.

Saturday, October 22

Over the moon and then some!


Can you believe it!? That right there, is my 3rd place blanket from Rhinebeck!!! After a couple days of fretting, it made it's way back home safe and sound. I have horrible luck with the postal system so when my delivery confirmation code wasn't working right away on Monday I panicked a bit. It finally went in the mail a day or so later. I assumed I hadn't won/placed at all. They had my email and my phone number. I assumed that if I had, they'd contact me. I'm glad they didn't. The excitement and pride I have coursing through me right now is enough to jumpstart a space shuttle.

I won 3rd place!!! In my first ever time entering anything I PLACED THIRD. They left me a note on one of my tags as well. It says:

Nicely knit. The gauge is a bit tight for the yarn. A looser knit would have made a larger and softer blanket.

I knew this. I knit tight. It's a drawback of mine but one that I am very aware of. This blanket is thick. It's scrunchy and thick. I could have easily gone up 2 needles and been fine. I am also, however, a purist when it comes to patterns. I have a hard time making alterations unless I've done the pattern at least once. I don't know why but my mind balks at the thought. I'm happy with this though. It was made in a colder climate and I didn't want to make it too loose.

I GOT THIRD PLACE! and I'm so incredibly proud of myself right now.

Thursday, October 20

Under the weather

My body (specifically my lungs) has decided to revolt against me. Also? Our camera was recently stolen so this post will be as drab as the weather is gray today.

* Almost done with the mermaid tail. After noticing the total length was supposed to be 34" and knowing that the intended kidlet was only 20.5" from waist to ground I decided to shorten it. I STILL needed another skein of the horrible yarn though. I have maybe 4 inches total left to do and the majority of that will be the waistband ribbing.
* I have 2 new skeins of yarn for the beekeeper quilt. Madeline Tosh and something else that escapes my brain fog right now. Color names and maybe a picture to come later.
* Started a second side slip cloche last night (on new needles!) in a delicious plum purple.
* While getting new beekeeper yarn I also snagged some Rowan Chunky (more like worsted). Same evening I bought Koolhass. I think they'll be a lovely match and I can't wait to get started. I've adored that pattern for far too long.

I think that's it for now. Being picture-less makes it hard for me to see what I'm wanting to share. :)

Tuesday, October 11

Progressing my WIPs

First off...the giveaway is over! Congrats to Lorraine. I hope she loves the hat as much as I do. :)

Moving on to WIPs.

This year, kidlet 2 wants to be a mermaid. I have been dying to make a mermaid tail since the first kidlet was tiny. Our last trip to the library I checked out New Knits on the Block which happens to have a tail (and matching top) in it. So I took her to the store to let her pick her yarn. Do you know what happens when you let a 4 year old pick BEAUTIFUL yarn?

Knitting 001

They pick something that makes your retinas bleed. Let's get a closer look.

Knitting 002

It's called Bonbon print and reminds me cotton candy throw up. From the state fair. After a whirly ride. Lucky for her I happen to be quite fond of her and wil lcontinue to plow through. It's an interesting pattern. You start with the tail fin and work your way up. I'm liking the part that makes the scales (a butterfly stitch). Quick and easy and aside from garish colors an enjoyable knit.


I'm up to 26.5 hexapuffs (not counting the one on the needles). Woot. I have officially finished off 2 skeins and am on to the 3rd (out of 7).

Knitting 003

I am rethinking making the half ones. I'm not sure I like it. While the clean symmetrical shape of the final blanket appeals to me MASSIVELY, I feel the bind off warps the shape a bit. They seem a bit too long. The other night at knitting night I was contemplating the options with someone and neither of us could agree. There are perks to both ways. IF I nix them I'll mix and match yarns once I get to the end of skeins. It'll add a bit more variety and interest I think.

Knitting 005

Still not sure on the blue one. I like that it provides such a stark contrast and it reminds of the dead cells in an actual hive BUT I only have enough for 2 puffs.

Knitting 006

I did a quick look around at available yarns the other night in preparation of my future needs. I'm liking the theme I have going with it but don't want to rebuy the same skeins. I want to add a bit more variety in tones and what not but there is a limited honeycomb range it seems. If I end up just getting the same stuff that'll be fine. The intended person isn't going to care. It's just a personal quirk of mine. :) I am contemplating getting another skein of blue. I'm not sure, if I keep it in, that I can handle having only two.

Friday, October 7

It's GIVEAWAY time!-Closed

Go check out Naturally Simple. The giveaway is up and BONUS! a mini interview. I know you are all dying to read that. :)

Thursday, October 6

Late FO's and competition

I know today is Thursday and normally this would be a Thursday's Bag post but not today. Today I want to talk to you about that one project you have hidden somewhere. Something about this item is a no-go for you. You know the one. The one you thought you'd rock and be proud of and in the end something happened that punched your knitting ego in the gut so hard it threw up.

I have one.

I also want to talk to you about gift giving. Every crafter the world over knows who is and isn't worthy of their items. Whether it's because the intended person would misuse/abuse it or because they have told the crafter "I DON'T WANT IT!", every crafter knows who they are. Knitters, it seems, are cursed with this. Ever hear of the boyfriend/husband sweater? Rumor has it you will no longer be part of a couple if you make one. Something about knitting makes people act stupid. Do you have a person like that?

I do.

In fact my gut punching item was given to the person. I miscalculated that one to say the least. I blogged this project almost a year ago and then never came back with an update. That post showed my pride and excitement for the entire thing. I ROCKED IT. I spun 1 lb of fiber and knit it into a lap blanket in 5 days. 5 DAYS! I was embarassed at the lack of intuition with this one.

Blanket 002
(Leaf was not done on purpose.....stinking wind!)

It was ill received. I know some of you are saying to yourselves, "What!? Not possible!" but I assure it is. It wasn't unfolded. It wasn't ooh'd and ahh'd over. It wasn't petted. Nothing. The sucker punch my knitting ego took that day was a big one. I went home and I placed that carefully folded blanket on the top shelf in my closet and never made mention of it. Others, no the intended person, have since seen it and are dumbfounded it didn't go over well. As am I. Sometimes you just don't match a gift to a person as well as you'd like to think.

Blanket 003

This blanket has moved around with us and stayed packed for almost a year now. I couldn't bear to part with it but I couldn't bear to use it either. I recently found the PERFECT person to send it to. One that I know will love and appreciate the effort and thought and love put into it. I also had an Aha! moment last night.

Blanket 005


I'm submitting it to Rhinebeck. It's labeled and sitting here waiting for me to finish this post. As soon as I'm done I'm headed to the post office, where I will nervously stuff it into a package and pray that the Postal Service doesn't hate me this go 'round. Wish me luck. I'm hopeful and giddy and nervous. I'm thinking this will restore some good mojo to it. Even if I lose, I tried. And that's what counts.

Blanket 004

The colors are pretty accurate here. It's rather difficult to get a decent shot of reddish earthy toned lace. :) The pattern is the Pine Forest Baby Blanket. If you knit it, be sure to let me know! I'll hold out hope that yours will be lovingly embraced for the awesome that it is.

Tuesday, October 4

Beekeeper update and GAUGE

First up. Beekeeper Quilt. I have 21.5 hexagons to date (yes, yes I am behind) and am plugging away on them tonight.

Beekeeper 002

I got a new color (see above). Applewood. I think it works great with the other colors I have going. That container? My favorite thing currently.

Beekeeper 001

Once that hexagon in the first pic was finished up I stuck the yarn through the mouth. I'm not sure why but it makes me ridiculously happy. :) Moving on.....I've been pondering the layout of colors for a bit now. Here are two options (one with a blue hex of which there are only 2 maybe 2.5) and one without.

Beekeeper 003

Beekeeper 004

In the second one I was thinking of alternating dark and light and in person it came across as that. That top, multicolored, one throws it all off though. I, personally, see the darker bits in it. The spouse sees the lighter bits. I see them as well in picture form. I think I'm going to need to dedicate an entire day to the layout once I get to that point. I'm thinking about connections as well. As written you just do a long stitch through the corners of 3 at a time. I like the ease of it (if one needs replaced it's easy) but at the same time I'd like to avoid the gap between them in the spots that won't be seamed. Things to think through.

I made a hat the other day. It was intended for an ADULT MAN. The stretch of this hat widthwise is awesome. Seriously awesome. It's a cabled hat and I cannot believe how much stretch it has honestly. The downfall? I knit it as written and didn't measure length. I also didn't measure gauge. GAUGE has foiled me once again. So while it would fit the girth of the dude's noggin it would not fit in length. At all. It barely reached my the bottom of my lobes. You know who it does fit perfectly?

Hat2 003

The youngest.

Saturday, October 1

It's been knit: Side slip cloche- GIVEAWAY CLOSED!

*For giveaway details scroll to the bottom*

Very few patterns in my Ravelry queue stay there for long. I try and thin it out every so often and generally what spoke to me 2 weeks ago no longer does. I recently deleted 20 or so patterns because they were too bulky or fiddly or not the right season. There are a couple that will stay there forever and ever though.

The Side Slip Cloche is one of them. I have added and deleted it so many times. A friend made one a year or so ago and I about died when I saw it. While at the library the other day I happened to grab a knitting book without looking beyond the title on the spine. Turns out it was the book with the pattern. Score!

I have 2 sets of pictures here. One on the oldest small person and one on me. I took the small person ones the night I finished it just so I could show some people. Since the hat is for an adult woman I figured it might be useful to also have an adult wear it.

Oct.1 024

Oct.1 029

The ruffle detail about does me in every time I see it. The gather at the top does too. I was working on minimial yarn and near the end was seeing just how minimal it was. This one is about 6 rows shorter than the pattern calls for. I think this is actually a good thing. As you can see it comes down low over the ears even without those rows. It definitely would have been at the bottom of my lobes with those extra ones in. I have a feeling blocking will give it a bit more length.

Hat 002

The band is nice and squishy. The hat is actually done in 3 pieces with the band done first. It is ribbed slightly so it has some stretch to it across the width. It fits snug but, as is plainly noted in the pictures, can fit a variety of head sizes.

This hat is intended for a giveaway over at a blog I'm sure you'll love. I do not have a date yet but I have the hat and I have her blog url. Visit I'm Naturally Simple over the next week or so. I'm sending the hat on Monday and as soon as she gets it she'll decide on a date. BONUS! She's sending things along with it as well. Once I know the officialy start and end date I will post them here in their own post. Watch for it!