Monday, October 24

It's been knit: Halloween Edition 2011

Last year we had Vikings and an Alien. They were awesome and well received.

This year, I had a more vocal crowd. The middle child wanted to be a MERMAID!!! and she knew I was up to it. MERMAID!!! she is.

I'd like to claim the blurriness in these pics is due to her being a really fast MERMAID!!! but the fact of the matter is she doesn't hold still and we don't have a replacement camera yet. :)


That yarn. Oh boy. That yarn is really very ugly. It works fantastically for anything with scales though. The bottom fin, surprisingly enough, blocks out well with a quick blast from my iron. I considered buying some wire to weave into it and give it a bit of strength but this will work just fine.


I love the stitch pattern. I've seen it elsewhere (mostly in shawls or sweaters) but not in such numbers. Really pulls off the scale look and helps keep things tight. The only change in fit that I made was length. I could have (and probably should have given the stretch of the body) gone with less stitches. The waistband, as written, is large. The pattern says for 5-6 years old and this is baggy on my 6yr old and even more so on the intended 4yr old. I did a quickie belt for it though which actually helps in the end. It allows the ribbing to sort of flare and be "more fancy like the WHOLE THING!!!".



I think I only cut out a total of maybe 6 pattern repeats. It's just long enough to flip up when she walks but not long to trip on. The front is shorter than I would like but only because I had a set idea in mind.

She loves it and that's good enough for me. :) Stay tuned for this years hat.


Erin said...

I love it! Is the yarn just an acrylic? It is blinding but perfect :)

. said...

It is. I let her pick the yarn and she picked Red Heart in Bonbon print. Blinding is a good word! lol

lorraine said...

this looks awesome!

. said...

Thanks lorraine! You have an awesome blog!! I'm loving that flower cardigan tutorial. Just gorgeous!