Tuesday, October 4

Beekeeper update and GAUGE

First up. Beekeeper Quilt. I have 21.5 hexagons to date (yes, yes I am behind) and am plugging away on them tonight.

Beekeeper 002

I got a new color (see above). Applewood. I think it works great with the other colors I have going. That container? My favorite thing currently.

Beekeeper 001

Once that hexagon in the first pic was finished up I stuck the yarn through the mouth. I'm not sure why but it makes me ridiculously happy. :) Moving on.....I've been pondering the layout of colors for a bit now. Here are two options (one with a blue hex of which there are only 2 maybe 2.5) and one without.

Beekeeper 003

Beekeeper 004

In the second one I was thinking of alternating dark and light and in person it came across as that. That top, multicolored, one throws it all off though. I, personally, see the darker bits in it. The spouse sees the lighter bits. I see them as well in picture form. I think I'm going to need to dedicate an entire day to the layout once I get to that point. I'm thinking about connections as well. As written you just do a long stitch through the corners of 3 at a time. I like the ease of it (if one needs replaced it's easy) but at the same time I'd like to avoid the gap between them in the spots that won't be seamed. Things to think through.

I made a hat the other day. It was intended for an ADULT MAN. The stretch of this hat widthwise is awesome. Seriously awesome. It's a cabled hat and I cannot believe how much stretch it has honestly. The downfall? I knit it as written and didn't measure length. I also didn't measure gauge. GAUGE has foiled me once again. So while it would fit the girth of the dude's noggin it would not fit in length. At all. It barely reached my the bottom of my lobes. You know who it does fit perfectly?

Hat2 003

The youngest.


granolagina said...

Love the colors! Could you share the pattern please?

. said...

You bet! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-beekeepers-quilt It's a purchase only pattern but absolutely worth it IMO. Enjoy!