Thursday, October 27

It's been knit: Halloween 2011 v.2

The youngest is a fiesty thing. She has spunk. The amount of delightful mischief twirling around insider her is enough to make anyone giggle. As such, we call her something. We call her it a lot actually. It fits, across the board, for any mood she might be in.


She's a turkey, plain and simple. A sweet turkey but a turkey none the less.

This year, I'm in charge of trick or treating by myself. The Spouse will be gone to a convention and the idea of trick or treating with 3 small people by myself seems a but overwhelming. As I sat here pondering my plan of attack one evening I decided I'd wrap the youngest on my back. She'll be out of the way of other trick or treaters and I will have 2 hands free.

The left her costume though. If she were going to be walking she'd have been a bee. A bee just won't fit on my back though so she was stuck with a hat again.

A turkey hat.

Because she's a turkey.


What? Not what you were expecting when I said turkey? :)


I have to say this is one of the worst patterns I've used in a long time. My hat base is slightly different than the pattern calls for in that I did a seed stitch brim (wouldn't it be awesome done in some bobbles and red cranberry sauce) and I made it a tad longer. The pattern is written for a 12m size and the youngest is 2 so I added half an inch or so before starting the decreases. The pattern, as written, does not do a flat top. It has shaping and a finish that looks like a turkey would (the bone piece of the cavity basically). I wanted a flat top so skipped that part.


The drumsticks are easy but a pain. The pattern numbers are wrong. As are line numbers. It was easy enough to figure it out since the only changes are on 2ish rounds. As written, you pick up stitches so that there is no stitching them on. I did one that way and the other was done off. I think I prefer them done off and stitched on to be honest. They seem to lay better and I can manipulate positioning easier.


It doesn't have any ties right now but I'll likely add some before Halloween. A simple icord most likely. While the hat itself doesn't need it (it comes down plenty far to cover ears) and the kid knows to keep hats on I'd rather secure it's presence just in case.

Halloween knitting is done! I haven't looked around the Blogworld to see what others are making but I'm thinking I might. It's such a fun time of year for this!

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KnottedFingers said...

BEST Hat! And most adorable baby EVER!