Saturday, October 1

It's been knit: Side slip cloche- GIVEAWAY CLOSED!

*For giveaway details scroll to the bottom*

Very few patterns in my Ravelry queue stay there for long. I try and thin it out every so often and generally what spoke to me 2 weeks ago no longer does. I recently deleted 20 or so patterns because they were too bulky or fiddly or not the right season. There are a couple that will stay there forever and ever though.

The Side Slip Cloche is one of them. I have added and deleted it so many times. A friend made one a year or so ago and I about died when I saw it. While at the library the other day I happened to grab a knitting book without looking beyond the title on the spine. Turns out it was the book with the pattern. Score!

I have 2 sets of pictures here. One on the oldest small person and one on me. I took the small person ones the night I finished it just so I could show some people. Since the hat is for an adult woman I figured it might be useful to also have an adult wear it.

Oct.1 024

Oct.1 029

The ruffle detail about does me in every time I see it. The gather at the top does too. I was working on minimial yarn and near the end was seeing just how minimal it was. This one is about 6 rows shorter than the pattern calls for. I think this is actually a good thing. As you can see it comes down low over the ears even without those rows. It definitely would have been at the bottom of my lobes with those extra ones in. I have a feeling blocking will give it a bit more length.

Hat 002

The band is nice and squishy. The hat is actually done in 3 pieces with the band done first. It is ribbed slightly so it has some stretch to it across the width. It fits snug but, as is plainly noted in the pictures, can fit a variety of head sizes.

This hat is intended for a giveaway over at a blog I'm sure you'll love. I do not have a date yet but I have the hat and I have her blog url. Visit I'm Naturally Simple over the next week or so. I'm sending the hat on Monday and as soon as she gets it she'll decide on a date. BONUS! She's sending things along with it as well. Once I know the officialy start and end date I will post them here in their own post. Watch for it!


Mariam said...

wow ...amazing
i like it so much

. said...

Stay tuned! Everyone has a chance to win it. I can't wait to find out who does. :)