Thursday, October 6

Late FO's and competition

I know today is Thursday and normally this would be a Thursday's Bag post but not today. Today I want to talk to you about that one project you have hidden somewhere. Something about this item is a no-go for you. You know the one. The one you thought you'd rock and be proud of and in the end something happened that punched your knitting ego in the gut so hard it threw up.

I have one.

I also want to talk to you about gift giving. Every crafter the world over knows who is and isn't worthy of their items. Whether it's because the intended person would misuse/abuse it or because they have told the crafter "I DON'T WANT IT!", every crafter knows who they are. Knitters, it seems, are cursed with this. Ever hear of the boyfriend/husband sweater? Rumor has it you will no longer be part of a couple if you make one. Something about knitting makes people act stupid. Do you have a person like that?

I do.

In fact my gut punching item was given to the person. I miscalculated that one to say the least. I blogged this project almost a year ago and then never came back with an update. That post showed my pride and excitement for the entire thing. I ROCKED IT. I spun 1 lb of fiber and knit it into a lap blanket in 5 days. 5 DAYS! I was embarassed at the lack of intuition with this one.

Blanket 002
(Leaf was not done on purpose.....stinking wind!)

It was ill received. I know some of you are saying to yourselves, "What!? Not possible!" but I assure it is. It wasn't unfolded. It wasn't ooh'd and ahh'd over. It wasn't petted. Nothing. The sucker punch my knitting ego took that day was a big one. I went home and I placed that carefully folded blanket on the top shelf in my closet and never made mention of it. Others, no the intended person, have since seen it and are dumbfounded it didn't go over well. As am I. Sometimes you just don't match a gift to a person as well as you'd like to think.

Blanket 003

This blanket has moved around with us and stayed packed for almost a year now. I couldn't bear to part with it but I couldn't bear to use it either. I recently found the PERFECT person to send it to. One that I know will love and appreciate the effort and thought and love put into it. I also had an Aha! moment last night.

Blanket 005


I'm submitting it to Rhinebeck. It's labeled and sitting here waiting for me to finish this post. As soon as I'm done I'm headed to the post office, where I will nervously stuff it into a package and pray that the Postal Service doesn't hate me this go 'round. Wish me luck. I'm hopeful and giddy and nervous. I'm thinking this will restore some good mojo to it. Even if I lose, I tried. And that's what counts.

Blanket 004

The colors are pretty accurate here. It's rather difficult to get a decent shot of reddish earthy toned lace. :) The pattern is the Pine Forest Baby Blanket. If you knit it, be sure to let me know! I'll hold out hope that yours will be lovingly embraced for the awesome that it is.

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