Tuesday, October 11

Progressing my WIPs

First off...the giveaway is over! Congrats to Lorraine. I hope she loves the hat as much as I do. :)

Moving on to WIPs.

This year, kidlet 2 wants to be a mermaid. I have been dying to make a mermaid tail since the first kidlet was tiny. Our last trip to the library I checked out New Knits on the Block which happens to have a tail (and matching top) in it. So I took her to the store to let her pick her yarn. Do you know what happens when you let a 4 year old pick BEAUTIFUL yarn?

Knitting 001

They pick something that makes your retinas bleed. Let's get a closer look.

Knitting 002

It's called Bonbon print and reminds me cotton candy throw up. From the state fair. After a whirly ride. Lucky for her I happen to be quite fond of her and wil lcontinue to plow through. It's an interesting pattern. You start with the tail fin and work your way up. I'm liking the part that makes the scales (a butterfly stitch). Quick and easy and aside from garish colors an enjoyable knit.


I'm up to 26.5 hexapuffs (not counting the one on the needles). Woot. I have officially finished off 2 skeins and am on to the 3rd (out of 7).

Knitting 003

I am rethinking making the half ones. I'm not sure I like it. While the clean symmetrical shape of the final blanket appeals to me MASSIVELY, I feel the bind off warps the shape a bit. They seem a bit too long. The other night at knitting night I was contemplating the options with someone and neither of us could agree. There are perks to both ways. IF I nix them I'll mix and match yarns once I get to the end of skeins. It'll add a bit more variety and interest I think.

Knitting 005

Still not sure on the blue one. I like that it provides such a stark contrast and it reminds of the dead cells in an actual hive BUT I only have enough for 2 puffs.

Knitting 006

I did a quick look around at available yarns the other night in preparation of my future needs. I'm liking the theme I have going with it but don't want to rebuy the same skeins. I want to add a bit more variety in tones and what not but there is a limited honeycomb range it seems. If I end up just getting the same stuff that'll be fine. The intended person isn't going to care. It's just a personal quirk of mine. :) I am contemplating getting another skein of blue. I'm not sure, if I keep it in, that I can handle having only two.

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