Saturday, October 22

Over the moon and then some!


Can you believe it!? That right there, is my 3rd place blanket from Rhinebeck!!! After a couple days of fretting, it made it's way back home safe and sound. I have horrible luck with the postal system so when my delivery confirmation code wasn't working right away on Monday I panicked a bit. It finally went in the mail a day or so later. I assumed I hadn't won/placed at all. They had my email and my phone number. I assumed that if I had, they'd contact me. I'm glad they didn't. The excitement and pride I have coursing through me right now is enough to jumpstart a space shuttle.

I won 3rd place!!! In my first ever time entering anything I PLACED THIRD. They left me a note on one of my tags as well. It says:

Nicely knit. The gauge is a bit tight for the yarn. A looser knit would have made a larger and softer blanket.

I knew this. I knit tight. It's a drawback of mine but one that I am very aware of. This blanket is thick. It's scrunchy and thick. I could have easily gone up 2 needles and been fine. I am also, however, a purist when it comes to patterns. I have a hard time making alterations unless I've done the pattern at least once. I don't know why but my mind balks at the thought. I'm happy with this though. It was made in a colder climate and I didn't want to make it too loose.

I GOT THIRD PLACE! and I'm so incredibly proud of myself right now.

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