Saturday, May 30

It's been knit: Stealth knitting

These are actually quite old. I started them way back when and only recently finished them up. They were a slower goin project.And sadly you get no details. :) Well some but none that you care about. :)

My own pattern (hence the no details)
Catnip Yarns Licorice Twist
Now that they are safely in the intended person's hands I can show pictures. She's had them for a bit but ummm....I'm a big ol' slacker. Shocker huh? :)
Up next: A washrag (oooo!), some sock progress (ahhh!), and baby sweaters galore (eeeee! though only one is intended to stay at my house).

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day..with some oomph

1. I have successfully completed a design in duplicate stitch and it doesn't suck! I think I might once again like the concept. The inside/wrong side of it even looks nice! Hoo rah!

2. I have hit a speed bump in my knitting. I started a sweater (I'll show pictures needs batteries and it's dark...too dark for the cell phone) for a soon to be born nephew and decided it's bad. I used acrylic due to the recipient and well it sucks. I started another one in a different acrylic and it's a bit better but I hit a point that irritated me so I frogged a bit and haven't picked it back up.

3. I have worked on my 2 at once magic looped toe up socks. I got tired of the two at once and finished up to past the heel on the first one. Note: this does not mean I'm bad or giving up on magic loop. I was just so close to the heel and really wanted to do it so there you have that. Once the second sock is to the same point back on the needle they both go.

4. I have a Christmas surprise. And boy is it a surprise! It's currently a WIP but obviously....will be done by Christmas. Want to see the beginnings? Of course you do. Not all blog posts should be numerical lsits...I know there are plenty on here. :) Before I get to the picture....Happy Mother's Day to all who are mother's and reading here today. :)